Sunday, 13 December 2009

Sunday School - First Christmas, Jesus and Kyle

I was the Sunday School teacher today and because it's almost Christmas, the lesson for today is The Nativity - Luke 2:1-7. I was given the study guide and I just scan a first christmas maze from the activity book of Kyle for the kids to do. To give the kids an idea on how Jesus was born, they drew on the boxes of the Jesus and Me page. Here's the work of Kyle:

The kids are supposed to draw on the Me box and then I just explain to them what they're supposed to draw in Jesus box. Kyle knew some of alphabet and I just spelled to him the letters he will write. First box - When some of the kids are already asking how to spell Canada because most of them were born here. Kyle asked me if what he did is right, he already put on the P and told me that he will write Philippines. I smiled when saw how he wrote the S. Notice in the second box, he drew a box with small squares representing hospital. He didn't put anything on the third box so his answer for the fourth box which is a car is drawn in the 3rd box. As I was explaining to them where and how Jesus was born, I asked them to draw on Jesus boxes. Look at Kyle's drawing of a horse/donkey that answers how Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem. I was also laughing at how he drew Mama and Daddilo's faces on his visitors and the crown he drew on Jesus' box because he said he cannot draw 3 kings. The last box is definitely not the least but the best, he said he wants to be a Policeman someday like Jesus so I asked why? This is his answer, "Gusto ko maging police para barilin ko yung mga bad, look meron akong baril." (I want to be a policeman because I will punish the bad. Look I drew a gun). I told them that Jesus became the Saviour of the world and asked Kyle again "Did Jesus become a policeman?" He replied, "No, pero galit siya sa mga bad (He is angry at bad people)" I didn't ask any other questions. I smiled knowing how a 3 year old says these things, innocently true.

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