Thursday, 29 May 2008

From Scrapbooking to Blurb-ing

I have not given up scrapbooking. It's my way to show my creativity but the events in our lives, time constraints and our tons of pictures cannot be accomodated by my scrap supplies, hehehe, need to shop again. I finally decided that I will just make photobooks and thanks to my co-nawie Mylene for introducing Blurb to me, I now have an option to arrange the photos the way I want to make photobooks. I can't wait to finish my first book.

Friday, 23 May 2008

The New American Idol - David Cook

I'm so happy that my 'Idol" won. It's the second time that my Idol became the winner. The first time was Carrie Underwood, it was a disappointment with Katherine Mcphee but she's still my idol. Anyway, eversince I heard him sing the Mariah song "Always be my baby", I laid my eyes on him, hahaha. I also liked the way he sang Duran Duran's "Hungry like a wolf", makes him a versatile singer. I also liked David Archuleta but maybe it's not yet his time. Basta, ang galing ng Idol ko! My single friends are going gaga over him hahaha...who wouldn't? :) I watched the finale last night (replay at Starworld, ended around 2:00 am) and I was shocked to see David Cook cry, I bet he didn't expect to win after hearing Simon make a "winning" remark on Archuleta's performance. He was so sweet sharing it with David Archuleta. This batch is very good. Jason Castro is also a favorite. What's amazing last night at the finale was a live performance by a fellow Filipino - Reynaldo Lapuz who rendered his now famous "My Brother" song with marching band. I was so proud of him.

Well, I'm looking forward to David Cook's album soon. It'll surely be a hit.

Monday, 12 May 2008


I'm filling up the Sponsored Spouse Questionnaire as requirement for our following Lito in Canada and I'm so amused at how the questions are written. The first question is First Contact...hahaha, this is not the first contact you are thinking. The question goes like this.."Did you have any contact with your sponsor before you met in person?" The second question is "When and Where did you first met your sponsor in person?" This is fun, I feel like filling up a slumbook...hahaha. Like a teenager, I tried to remember how and when and where did we really meet and that was ages ago. Heto pa nakakatawa, Describe how your relationship developed after your first contact with your sponsor and if you and your sponsor dated or went on any outings or trips together, provide photos and documentary evidence. I thought of giving our photo albums here as evidence- ang dami kaya naming activities together. The list of questions go on conerning Marriage Proposal, Engagement and Marriage Ceremonies where tons of pictures can prove hahahaha. I hope I'll be able to finish these requirements and send to Lito to start processing....I felt like sharing this because I really enjoyed the task. It's also fun to reminisce.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Classical Music for my babies

I remember the very first time I found out that I'm having a baby, Lito and I got excited and bought classical music CD collection. I learned that babies appreciate the repetitious tones and sudden increase in beats from these concertos that the early artists mastered. Last night, my kids and I were trying to sleep with music on but we decided to look for a channel in FM station. Luckily, Aloysius heard the Mozart playing in 98.7 DZFE and since he was exposed early on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, he remembers his music and we stay tuned in this channel. We get to hear some Mozart's, Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker" and my other favorite, Johann Strauss' "Blue Danube". I only appreciate some of these classics but it still amazes me how blessed these marters are. Funny, Kyle was asleep agad. I'm not sure if he likes the music but Aloy was so awake, I saw him waving his arms like a conductor, hahaha. After the program, Aloysius told me to play this type of music again since he misses it, I remember we stopped playing this regularly when he was 3 yrs old. It's a good thing that I'm now into classics again (thanks to my first born) I hope the baby inside me, also likes this music.