Saturday, 18 July 2015

Who doesn't like to get married again?

I would say...Lito! But he did exchange the vows with me in celebration of our 15th wedding anniversary and my 47th birthday. It was an awesome day, the Lord has made! God must have love us so much that rains only started pouring before and after the ceremony and photo shoot. Our renewal of vows was held a day before my birthday at the gardens of The Peninsula Inn and Resort in Niagara Falls, Ontario. It was an intimate affair as family and close friends were present to witness this event.

This second time of getting married was more meaningful as our kids joined us in the ceremony. The 3-cord symbolism that Reverend Peter Goodrich of the Niagara Falls Wedding World explained made an impact as we really need God to be the third party in our marriage - the cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

Here are some of the photos from the event: (Thank You Bro. Arneil Fabia of SCM)

My Groom

Our children joining us during the blessing.

Sealed with a kiss

Because I was a member of Weddings at Work the first time I got married (Side Note: It was Benz and Abet Rana who gave me an idea when they did their 15th in Las Vegas), I will share some good and need improvement evaluation of the hotel and the Niagara Falls Wedding World services as part of our post-wedding duties for the other couples to take note or learn from.

1. The Peninsula Inn and Resort ( - Ms. Jessica Sanchez was easy to deal with. We made all transactions online and since I was from Toronto and I couldn't go to Niagara frequently, she made it a point that all my requests are granted - from the color theme, music to the design of our paddle fans souvenirs. Our rooms were perfect and we got a good deal since this is summer season where other hotels have sky-rocketing rates. One thing that was missed - there was no one (waiter) to inform the guests that there are cold bottled water and refreshments available to keep them cool while waiting for the ceremony to start. Good thing, it was not too hot that day. Also, great location, lots of areas to use for picture taking, free parking for our guests. Most importantly, very near our Reception location - Mandarin Restaurant at Niagara Square.

2. Niagara Falls Wedding World ( - Same with Jessica, I communicated with Nicole Gibson and Rev. Loretta through email and phone only. I was able to meet them only when we were about to start the ceremony. They were helpful in getting our 3-cord props ready - providing the different colored ribbon to highlight God's presence in marriage. They also gave clear instructions to my children and their part in the ceremony and also sending and making revisions to the program to amend my requests. There were two important things that need improvement - the sound system and the declaration of our vows. The ceremony is a very meaningful one and I would have loved my guests to hear everything Rev. Peter said from the readings, to the Cord and Ring ceremonies to the blessing. Lito and I would also like to say our own vows instead of repeating after Rev. Peter. We wrote our own vows and it would have been more felt (or dramatic) if we declared it ourselves. Well, maybe next time, I will request for that.

The Vows

I, LITO publicly re-commit myself to love and serve you,
to accept, forgive, honor and pray for you
and to be faithful to you as long as we both shall live.
I am making this commitment before God, family and friends today and so help me God.

I, IRMEE take you my dearest, as my husband, friend and love.
All that I am I share with you. I promise to love and cherish you,
to help you in good times and bad, to respect our individuality,
to make our home one of love and understanding.
I give you all my trust, all of my tomorrows, all of my life.
I declare this vow in the name of our Lord Christ, so help me God.

I will post more pictures and reception account soon.

Thank you to all who attended and shared their prayers and well wishes.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Getting married again...planning a mob-wedding

I will kept this a secret but will publish in my blog about the wedding preparations I will do for our 15th wedding anniversary and renewal of vows.  This blog entry and all wedding related posts will only be published after the event or when he finds out. I spoiled my own surprise when I told him about the event on Canada Day, he was not too excited. :(

I already booked the venue, arranged the decors and reserved for the rooms.  I also asked a friend of ours to be the photographer.  The venue will be in a garden with a gazebo and the reception will be in a buffet restaurant in a mall just across the ceremony area - how convenient and cheap :)

I have decided to use a beige, white, ivory theme because Lito's original Barong Tagalog still fits him after fifteen years. Here is what I am going to wear:

And here are what I am going to ask the guests to wear (strictly white, beige and or cream) it's a beach-themed wedding but not in a beach venue.

And here is our wedding venue - the Peninsula Inn and Resort Niagara Falls