Monday, 31 December 2007

At last, I have my own Starbucks 2008 Planner!

At first, I was thinking of just buying the planner from a fellow nawie for P800, but later I decided to enjoy the beverages and the excitement of getting stickers everytime I go to Starbucks. Thanks for my co-workers who helped me fill it up (eto na yung bayad sa counselling ko sa inyo regarding KOKEI, hehehe) and also my kids for sharing our cups and especially Lito for the support. "Daddy, don't you worry, This is not just a planner, I will make a scrapbook album out of it" to maximize its use. Finally, I have my own Starbucks 2008 Planner - proof of being a Mocha Frappuccino and Passion Tea Addict. "Parang nanalo ng award!"

Thursday, 27 December 2007

New baby, My niece -> Candace Ysabelle

I was so excited. While having lunch with the Castillo clan at Barrio Fiesta. I got a text message that said Wendy already gave birth to a baby girl. So after the lunch with Irvin, Faye and Lito's family, I went to Asian Hospital immediately. Can't wait to see my new niece. I was teary-eyed because I saw my little sister in her. Parang kailan lang, I was holding my little sister this way and little brother Roty was there too and now she's a mother herself. Congrats sis and welcome to sleepless nights este motherhood pala... :)

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Gingerbread Man

Aloysius has seen the cartoon flick Hansel and Gretel on cable and I told him I would buy him a real gingerbread man and he got excited. I knew for a fact that I can buy that in Starbucks, another reason for us to go there and complete my sticker card hehehe...He enjoyed the Strawberry Cream and I enjoyed my Grande Mocha Frapp.

Marry Christmas!

Monday, 24 December 2007

Enchanting Weekend (Aloysius' Birthday)

One of Irvin's promises to Aloysius is to bring him to Enchanted Kingdom as birthday present and today he fulfilled that promise. it was an advanced birthday gift because he is turning 6 years old on the 24th. We enjoyed the EK trip even if it is short-lived, we got there around 4 pm and left at 9:00 pm. It was our first time in Enchanted and most of our time were spent in picture-taking - loved the place!

What's amazing is that my Aloysius rode adult rides and there was not a hint of fear in him. We rode the Roller Skates, Up, up and away, Wheel of Fate aside from the kiddie rides. He especially liked the Rio Grande Rapids where we all got wet and also Rialto where Spongebob was showing. While at the top of Wheel of Fate which is very high, he saw the Space Shuttle and Jungle Log Jam. He said he wanted to try them. It's a good thing Jungle Log Jam was in the other corner we never saw it while the Space Shuttle is undergoing maintenance check because of the incident and so I didnt have to explain that he cannot take those rides which are dangerous for his age. We got a chance to watch the Oliver's Water Show where we enjoyed the high dives. We had photo ops with the divers from Europe and also with Santa Claus before we headed out. It was indeed Aloysius' day, you can see all smiles from him but Kyle also enjoyed the rides especially the Air Ptyodactyl where he rode alone and the carousel ride. Thanks Irvin and Faye!

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Christmas is for Kids

Eversince Irvin and Faye arrived for the holidays, my kids' christmas already started. Their pasalubong included lots of toys for the kids and looks like it's never-ending. Today, we went toy shopping (again) at ATC and checked out the new Toys R Us store but eventually bought from Rustan's. The CAT version of a Megabloks Construction station - a Tower Crane almost as tall as Achilles and a TOMY Rescue Truck added to our collection of Megabloks and TOMY toys. I wished I was young again. It was a different feeling looking forward to receiving gifts and goodies rather than giving them (although it also gives a different sense of satisfaction) Here is a proof of joy in my kids eyes:

Startin'em young (Starbucks addiction)

I was collecting stickers for the Starbucks Planner so that means I need to purchase 24 hot or cold beverages to complete the sticker card. It's a good thing that they issue double stickers as 10th anniversary treat during 12:30-2Pm and 8-9:30Pm. It was during this time that we dropped by Starbucks ATC and treated Irvin for a green tea frapp and Lito and myself our Peppermint Mocha Frapp. Little did I know that my kids loved them too. Oh well they might think they're just another smoothies but Lito & I almost did not finish our tall cups because the kids shared in sipping the coffee hehehe. Bad mommy, starting them young to be Starbucks addict like herself.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Day 2 - Palawan Underground River Tour, Sabang Beach, Daluyon Resort

We woke up early to see the beautiful sunrise at Puerto Princesa. Our hearty breakfast at the Tribu Restaurant of the Puerto Pension where we stayed added to the ambience of the place. I was too excited that I forgot to mention that I had no regrets choosing Puerto Pension as our place to stay(BTW, Puerto Pension is included in Lonely Planet’s recommended places to stay). I liked the native-style interior and exterior design of the place. The room is small just enough for the two of us but the service, location, free transfers and breakfast was a great value-for-money deal. Even Lito was impressed. The Palawan Underground River Trip they arranged for us was fantastic. Our tour guide Jeff was accommodating, dami ksi naming tanung from the historical stuff to Malaria, other places to see in Palawan and mga chismis on Dos Palmas. Our other companions were friendly too. I was hoping that our tour companions were not “thunders” buti na lang my prayers were answered. We enjoyed the company of young people - a Chinese national, a balikbayan, 2 lovely girls from Unionbank and BDO whom we exchange cameras with to take pictures of each other and a mid-age couple.

Our trip to Sabang going to the Underground river was 2 hours and the banca ride was almost 30 minutes because it was high tide that time or maybe the waves are really strong in that area. I believe it was already South China Sea. The view going to underground was breathtaking. I love the rock formations. When we arrived on the beach, it’s parang deserted island. There were animals roaming around – the big lizard, the monkeys. When we reach the mouth of the underground cave, I felt nervous. I thought, what if there’s an earthquake and we will not be able to come out. But when we wore the helmet and the floater – I became excited once again. After taking pictures, we boarded the boat. Lito and I had no choice but to take the front seats and I became the holder of the light.


Once inside, we were awestruck. We were amazed and amused at the sight and the description of the rock formations, stalactites and stalagmites by our Manong Boatman. Too bad, it was not captured by our camera, na lo bat! After the more or less 40 minutes, we were out the cave. We went back to Sabang Beach. By this time, I was already hungry and we had to walk to the farthest resort to get our food. Haay! But the long walk by the beach is worth it. Our lunch was served at Daluyon Resort – the newest resort in Sabang. The ambience and great food served was perfect. I loved eating by the beach.


Daluyon Resort, Sabang -The resort is yet to open but looks like its going to be a hit. I love the rooms they showed us and the amenities are high-class. They have an infinity pool. Here are some of the pictures I took which I promised to promote through this blog.

On our way back, we were stranded. It was raining and the road was muddy and the mini bus before us got stucked. We were afraid we’re going to spend the night there, e pinaguusapan pa naman naming yung Malaria case ni Reyster Langit. It’s a good thing a big truck came to pull the mini bus, we were back in Puerto Princesa before it got dark, but we were already late for a sunset dinner at Badjao Seafront Restaurant kaya we had dinner na lang at Bilao’t Palayok. The ambience is also nice and the food was served in a bilao’t palayok.

After dinner we went first to the baywalk to check out the biggest Christmas Tree to take pictures. Then we headed to Tribu restaurant at the rooftop of Puerto Pension to wind down for a cup of coffee and cool beer. The scenario brought back memories of our bf-gf days. We enjoyed our bonding moments without the kids but we also miss them so when we went home the next day after buying fresh seafoods at the market, we were glad to be home with our two boys.

Monday, 10 December 2007

A December Affair to remember – Our Palawan Get-away

Thanks to Cebu Pacific for giving us the opportunity to travel again thru the Piso fare promo. I was about to re-book our Bohol trip last October because Aloysius had exams scheduled on that week. After I was told that I will be charged more than 3,000 pesos for the 2 sectors each times 4 persons, I realized that it’s better to avail another trip than pay 3K. So I had reasons to purchase that ticket for a trip in Palawan - this time with Lito in celebration of our 8th Wedding Anniversary and his birthday. Would you believe that our ticket costs only 4,180 pesos? So I just added a thousand for the rebooking, it’s a good thing that the exam schedule was moved. We enjoyed that vacation. You can read my blog entry for the Bohol trip here.

This is supposedly a surprise for Lito, but since I was planning to buy him a camera then I mentioned that we can practice shooting in Palawan. Kahit kailan, can’t keep secrets to myself hahaha. Surprise Spoiler!

Day 1 – A little bit of everything (City Tour, Honda Bay, Great Food)

We arrived at Puerto Princesa City, Palawan at around 10:00am and was able to check-in at Puerto Pension (I love the place-though the room was small, ganda naman ng ambience) around 10:30am. After that, we had early lunch at Balinsasayaw. I ordered the Tanigue ala pobre and Lito had Grilled Tuna Belly, we also ordered their specialty Nido Soup, ang sarap! The buco juice and green mango shake were just icing on the cake. Sarap kumain! Mura pa…our bill cost a little over 300 pesos. Sulit! While eating, Lito and I was voting on what to do next, either we can go island hopping at Honda Bay or have the city tour. And since the scorching heat was unusual these days (it was raining in Manila when we left) we opted for the latter. It’s a good thing our trike driver/tour guide affirmed that we can have both worlds. We just spend little time for each. And so by 12:30 pm, we started the city tour. We first went to Butterfly Farm. Lito had a great time taking pictures using his new DSLR and we finally saw them flying all around. When we were in Bohol, the butterflies were all sleeping because of the cold weather. Then we headed to Crocodile farm, the tour started at 1:30pm, we enjoyed all the great photo opportunities there.

While Lito was busy clicking his camera, I was recording video footages of the little crocs. I had the chance of holding one too. Not too scary because his mouth was tied up. After that, we headed towards Mitra’s ranch, we were not able to go inside because they are expecting foreign visitors. We enjoyed the view overlooking Honda Bay. Next stop was Baker’s Hill. The food was yummy but the garden, mini zoo and statues made the trip there worthwhile. I’m sure my kids would enjoy seeing Snow White, Bugs Bunny and Santa Claus here.

After long trips in between the sites, we finally reached the wharf that will lead us to the islands of Honda Bay. We arrive around 3:00 pm and we are supposed to come back around 5:30 pm just before the sunset. So we barely had 2 hours, we chose to go snorkeling at Pambato Reef and Snake Island. We reached the pambato reef site and it was in the middle of the sea. I was thinking its near an island. It’s a different experience because there’s a current na dinadala ako and the reefs are amazing. Ganda talaga! I just wished that we were here while the sun was shining brightly to see them clearly. We were able to take pictures using the underwater camera but it’s not the same when you seen them up close. I hope the reefs will be preserved. I saw some of them already broken because they are being stepped on by snorkels.

Next stop –> Snake Island. I chose this because this is where I can feed the fishes. We arrive there around 4:00pm so we had the island to ourselves. Awesome place! I enjoyed seeing the fishes coming towards me each time I let go of the bread. We were not able to roam around the island anymore because it was already getting dark so we just took some pictures then headed back to the wharf. It was a long trip going back, we just passed by the Pandan Island, Starfish Island, Cowrie Island which was being rented at that time and lastly the Bat Island. The sunset view from the boat was spectacular. There was a huge outbreak of bats coming out of the island. There were thousands of them flying above us. The boatman said that it’s time for the bats to find food (fruits). I was secretly hoping and praying that we will reach our destination before it gets dark (or before the bats think of us as food). God is good and He made us reach the wharf just before dark as in right after we stepped out of the boat, dark na agad. As expected, we were the only ones the people from the station were waiting.

It was around 6:30pm when we left the wharf. I asked Ms. Bel, the friendly receptionist at Puerto Pension to reserve a table for us at Ka Lui at 7:00 to 7:30 pm. So upon reaching the pension house we just took a quick shower and headed to Ka Lui’s. We ordered the Ka Lui Special, it’s good for two. It was a delightful experience, the food, the ambience, it was amazing! Best of all, the value is so sulit, we had the lato appetizer, the prawns in garlic butter sauce, the grilled tuna, the chicken inasal, the halaan soup and fruit bowl for only 365 pesos. No wonder Ka Lui is really that famous here in Puerto Princesa. Seated next to our table is no less than Gov. Joel Reyes but we were not sure then if it was really him, we took photo ops sana with him.

I was a wonderful day on our Day 1. We had so many activities squeezed in for the day tiring but worth every second of it. A good night’s sleep (without the kids) was all we needed to recharge for another adventure in Palawan.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

AMDATEX Retro Fever – 2007 Christmas Celebration

Our company Christmas celebration started in November where several contests and preparation for the big event in December already took place. This year our theme was retro – 60’s, 70’s, 80’s. My look and attire was not spectacular compared to others who really prepared to become the Star of the night but I was glad that I was still chosen as one of the semi-finalist for my era –80’s. I just wore a black shirt with Rock print in front matched with white fit jeans and a hat ala Michael J or Gary V. The only drama there was my back which was exposed – Backless po yung shirt. Hahaha. The nerve ba to put on such get up?…para di halata na late thirties na…Anyway, here are my pictures together with the other finalists. The one wearing apro wig won. And the other picture with the young girls of Tech Helpdesk (from the IT Dept.) who were teasing me about my back. O di ba belong pa din ako sa kanila?

Saturday, 1 December 2007


Pampa is the name of the mascot of Pampers diapers. It's an elephant, the first stuffed toy that Aloysius received when he was still a baby. It was mailed to me by P&G when I submitted empty Pampers wrappers as proof of purchase. Since then, Aloy called all his stuffed or furry toys Pampa, (One of Kyle's first words is also Pampa). I used to be against playing stuffed toys because it's not good for the kids health and it's a girls toy but when I realized that these toys are also their comfort toys (they can't sleep without it), I let them play as long as it is not too furry.

Friday, 30 November 2007

Our new toy => Nikon D40X

Who says only kids want toys for Christmas? I promised Lito that I will give him something for his birthday aside from the Palawan trip. It was supposed to be a surprise but Faye and I have been talking about getting a DSLR camera and eventually Lito found out when Irvin inquired about the specs of Nikon camera they are considering. So after I got my 13th month, we headed to Hidalgo, Quiapo and bought our own Nikon D40X. We first went to Henry's because my fellow nawies and scrapbooking friends recommended it but we found Avenue Photo Supply - the cheapest in the whole block. Email me na lang if you want to know how much. We got a good bargain, the kit comes with a 1GB card and camera bag but the manual doesn't have English translation hahaha. Faye, Can I copy na lang your manual? Anyway, my budget can only afford a Nikon D40 but since Lito wanted the D40X he paid for the remaining balance. Now hopefully we can fully utilize this investment. "Kakarerin ko na ang pag-scrapbook este pagkuha ng mga pictures pang-scrapbook" :)

Here are some of the pictures of Lito with his new toy after opening the box. "Excited ang asawa ko, feeling photographer, hehehe"

Monday, 26 November 2007

Thomas train etc...

My sons are lucky because Lito and I are also fond of toys that's why each time we have a chance, (and money or vice versa hahaha) we buy them toys. Toys are also investments esp when you are collecting. Their value increases as time goes by. But for us seeing their faces in wonder at the sight of a new toy, that's priceless. Instead of us buying toys that will be broken after a few months, we buy TOMY trains. Our enthusiasm started when Aloysius received his first TOMY train set when he was still 3 years old. We had acquired different tracks, accessories and trains eversince (My favorite is Thomas and Henry). Now, our train set can fill up our whole room (it's not really that big). I just wish that our kids learn how to keep them properly after playing...kapagod! Paging Aloysius' and Achilles' ninongs and ninangs, you can add to our collection of TOMY trains, hehehe.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Start Saving Today (for trips)

One thing I learned from my husband is to become a wise spender if not, do not spend at all (He’s a true blue “Kuripot”) “Save you hard earned money” he says. I found myself following him, started saving only to spend it later on trips and things I consider of high value like scrapbook materials, I’m a born spender hehehe. And since I’m hopeless, I passed the start saving today attitude on to my children. Lito bought them coin banks to start with so that each time they were given change, they will put it in the piggy and dino banks. Once full, we’ll deposit them in real bank. My two kids have their own accounts. I also have mine but the contents diminish each time a new dream trip is scheduled like next month >> Palawan for Lito’s birthday and our 8th wedding anniversary celebration… :)

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Back to Day Shift and more good news!

Haay! At last, after almost 4 months of working in straight graveyard shift, I'll be going back to daytime shift and my life will be normal again. Thank God! I thought I'll never see the sun again..My responsibilities will also shift from BPO operations back to ISO stuff...goodbye BPO, hello ISO. Right now, I'm just rushing into turning over my role as Business Unit Head and looking forward to more documentation, auditing and introducing quality and continuous improvement programs. We'll also be moving to a new office before the months ends and I'll have an assistant, finally! Thank God!

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Day 4 - A whole morning of beach fun

Day 4 October 20, 2007

A whole morning of beach fun

This is our last day and we only had a few hours before we leave so we spent the morning at the beach. The sun shining bright, the cool air inviting and the whole stretch of the white beach made our last day the most memorable one. The kids were left in the beach while we were having breakfast and would you believe that they were already far from our area but the water is still knee deep. We just let them play and enjoy the clear water. Achilles in particular was very fond of water, I remember him telling his dad excitedly, “ daddy, mamam” meaning daddy look at the water. He was the one who didn’t want to leave the beach until it time for us to leave. Our experience at Dumaluan Resort was not perfect but the beach and the sea made up for all the shortcomings. Our pictures tell them all. The 4 day vacation was indeed a memorable one – worth going back to.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Day 3 - Chocolate Hills and the countryside tour

Day 3 – October 19, 2007

Chocolate Hills and the countryside tour

We woke up early because we were told by our Tour Guide/Driver that we will be picked up by 8:30am. I got annoyed after receiving a text message that he will arrive at 9:00am. Our iterinary should have included the following: Chocolate Hills, Hinagdanan Cave, Man-Made forest, Hanging bridge, Butterfly Farm, Bohol Bee Farm, Tarsier, Loboc River Cruise, Mag-aso Falls and Punta Cruz watchtower. The whole morning was spent traveling to Chocolate Hills, it was the highlight of our day tour and we were not disappointed. Although I realized how not physically fit am I because I was too tired after taking the 200+ steps going to the highest hill. The view was spectacular. Miggy was asking why are there too many hills in that area. I was glad he said it was also his favorite from all the Bohol adventures that we had, aside from the beach. Going back we went to Butterfly Farm, there were very few butterflies but the tour was very informative, I learned so many things in the few minutes that the guide was explaining. We passed by the man-made forest and the hanging bridge. Then the Loboc River cruise – another disappointment. It was almost 1:00 pm and the boat that we were supposed to ride didn’t wait for us so we had to wait for another boat which had too few food and poor service to deal with. Although the boat ride itself and the music playing almost made bawi to the bad Loboc cruise experience we had. Then we went to Tarsier, another disappointment, I was looking forward to seeing a nice place to keep and show Tarsiers – the smallest monkey in the world. But we only went to a store with a small area for the tarsiers, it was not even a garden. The tarsiers were embracing the branches of ornamental plants and they seemed to be matamlay parang di kumakain. I hope the Dept of Tourism will do something about this. We passed by Baclayon Church – the 2nd oldest church in the Philippines and the Blood Compact Site where we had pictures taken. Then we spent hours in the pasalubong store which I regret ksi if not we would have gone to Hinagdanan Cave and take another tour at the Bohol Bee Farm. When we arrive there, it was almost 5:00 pm and the crew said they were not offering tours anymore. I was only able to buy honey, spreads and organic breads. We also had some pictures taken in our last stop. We arrive at the resort a little before 6:00 pm. A makeshift stopper and a hot soak in the bath tub made our day complete 

Day 2 - Dolphin Watching, Bohol Beach Club

Day 2- October 18, 2007

AM- Dolphin Watching, visit to Balicasag Island and Alona Beach

It was raining the previous night and I was kinda disappointed because this is the day we will watch dolphins. I feared that they might not appear because of the weather. I had to make tawad to the boatman because the 5:30am sched is very early for the kids. He arrived at 6:00am but we were still not ready. Aloysius had been coughing pa because he made babad sa beach and pool yesterday. It was raining on the way and our boat trip was not smooth sailing. We encounter bigwaves buti nalang magaling yung boatman namin, Si Mang Viaw, yung father ni Theresa na co-star ni Cezar Montano sa Muro-ami at Panaghoy sa Suba. Aloysius was even shouting in excitement everytime our boat splash against a big wave, parang nagraride lang siya sa Enchanted Kingdom. It was cold during the ride so the double shirts and bathrobes helped keep the kids warm.

We were all shouting in excitement as we started to see the dolphins come and go. Ang galling! There were hundreds of them in front of us! I wished I brought the videocam with me so I can zoom and take a closer look at the dolphins while they swim. The experience is great! We already saw dolphins in shows and it’s different when you see them in their habitat. The rough ride is worth the trip.

Balicasag Island is a world-class dive spot but we only went near the fish sanctuary and didn’t snorkel because the kids cannot be left with one adult alone in the boat. If only Aloysius knew how to use the mouthpiece and snorkel, we could have done it with him and left Achilles with Cecille. I brought an underwater disposable camera but was not able to use it. Well, now there’s a reason for us to go back to Bohol, without the kids of course. On the way to Alona Beach, we saw school of dolphins but were not able to take pictures of them. Ang bibilis nila!

Since on the way back to Dumaluan, we will pass by Alona Beach, we decided to take our lunch there. We first had to find a store that sells cough syrup because Aloysius’ coughing was getting worse. We docked by Alona Kew and the road that lead to Rona’s corner has less expensive rooms and restos to offer (suited for budget-conscious and backpackers). After we bought the medicine and other things we needed like water in the convenience store, we found a turo-turo which offers lutong bahay ulam which we all liked, even the kids finished their meal. We had pictures taken along Alona Beach and in front of Alona Kew - the only nice beachfront resort I saw, Alona Palm and Alona Tropical was in the other end of the beach. Good thing that I opted for Dumaluan because the Alona Beach was nothing compared to Dumaluan which is cleaner and more quiet. There are lots of seaweeds which leave for little swimmable area. I even saw dog poops on the beach. Yikes!

PM – Bohol Beach Club

We wanted to take advantage of the Class A resort beside ours so we paid the guard a day tour fee for P250 each, P150 consumable. Lito was against the idea because we had to pay pa e the same lang naman yung beach and the worst part is we cannot set up the tent. Anyway, Bohol Beach Club’s beachfront is longer and there are lots of lounge chairs and hammocks to use. This is where Tita Ces posed like Marimar and the kids enjoyed playing in the sand. We also posed in the carefully manicured gardens and the swimming pool with bonsai falls. Of course, we also took dip in the swimming pool.

We spent the remaining consumable in the sumptuous and I thought costly but cheap lang pala dinner. We had Calamares, Chopseuy, Pancit Canton and Sinigang na Hipon. I hoped that made bawi to the disappointment of Lito for not being able to set up the tent.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Summer in October (Our Bohol Trip day to day account)

This is the start of my wish ko lang travel(s) blogs. The fruits of our hard-earned money. I thought that the day I’ve been looking forward to will not arrive, a day before our scheduled trip, Achilles had been diagnosed with Broncho-pneumonia. The pulmo-pedia said that we can bring Kyle because the fresh air will be beneficial to him provided that we bring all his medicines with us. I had to convince myself that his ailment is not that serious because the doctor already made a clearance for him to go. Now, it’s only Lito that I need to convince and later I decided not to go anymore because I don’t want to be blamed in the future. Buti na lang, when I asked him, he said yes and so off we went to the adventure of our lives.

Day 1 - October 17, 2007

My kid’s First Airplane Ride

I didn’t report the previous night because I was too excited and anxious about Kyle’s condition. It’s a good thing that I had packed our things before we went to Munti and Carter had brought his car so we asked him to fetch Lito and Aloysius before bringing us to the airport. Our flight was at 11:50am but we wanted to get window seats so we arrive early or just in time around 9:00am. It’s a great improvement since the last time I have been to the Manila Domestic Airport. The Kiddie Traveler’s Lounge for toodlers had been a great help because I know how impatient my kids are. They didn’t want to leave the playplace until they saw the airplane that we are going to ride. It’s the first time of my kids to board a plane, I too got excited. We took pictures in all the sides of the plane and before boarding it. Aloysius didn’t want to take his eyes off the window to see the clouds below us. Achilles on the other hand was excited, at first he cried because he wanted to be with his kuya on the window seat, buti na lang Tita Ces is there on the other window seat and all we can hear is ba-bye, ba-bye when the plane took off. After that, he slept the whole time during the trip.

Arrival at Dumaluan Resort

It’s almost 2:00pm when we arrive at Dumaluan, While I was checking in, Lito and the kids were taking pictures of the beach. Our resort is just beside the Bohol Beach Club and there were no other resorts so it’s kinda quiet and the beach is clean. The white sand shoreline is longer than I expected and later on, I discovered that it’s powdery white sand, mala-espasol. We checked in a Superior Deluxe room and requested another mattress, we liked our room except that the bath tub is not working, no stopper and the kids are so kulit without TV so we transferred to a room with TV. The room we transferred to is better because it’s fronting the swimming pool and nearer but still the bath tub is also not working. The maintenance personnel suggested that we transfer again to the next room but we decided not to because we are already settled and we wanted to go to the beach right away.

When we checked the beach, it was low-tide and the weather is gloomy, not a good time to swim, but the kids got excited and when they wet themselves, we cannot control them, we just rode the waves literally with them. Later, Aloysius used the kiddie pool in front of our cottage. We had dinner at Dumaluan Resort 1 for grilled pork liempo and chicken.