Friday, 25 January 2013

How not to be depressed

I'm a normal person, I experience the same as what other people feel, yes even if you are the richest man here on earth, you also feel depressed. I've reached the highs and lows, and lately is more of lows but because I'm a child of God, He finds a way to talk to me. Today I heard a timely message on the radio and read many passages online. I miss my friends whom I can talk to anything under the sun, those who have time for girly and mushy stuff, asan na ba Kayo, khit online di ko Kayo Makita, hahaha..When I came here, my alternative was retail therapy, but I don't want to splurge because I don't have anything to spend. I don't know if it's the weather (yeah, it's also -13'C here) and the sun is not shining or the early part of the year is always the time you get anxious...what will happen this year? Will my goals be reached? I always think about so many many that it eats my time to pray and read God's words.

 The message that I heard today is about how not to be depressed:

1. Stay closer to God by reading the bible or hearing it in church.
2. find true friends to talk to,
3. brush any negative thoughts,
4. keep busy, do fun and worthwhile activities.

 I really thank God and for those praying for me and my family, that I'm no longer in my lows. Last night, I found a feel good movie to watch and right from the very start, I was already amused because the main character looked like me when I was still young. I hope you can find the resemblance in Irmee and Nam...LOL! I hope you will smile now.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

10 Tips for Raising a Reader

I wanted to share what I do (at least most of them) to make reading a habit for my children. I found this from Scholastic.

1.  Read to your child right from the start. Even babies love books!
2.  Read every day. Set aside a special time for books.
3.  Make a comfortable spot for reading - in a cozy space, with a selection of favourite books.
4. Bring a book along. Reading can happen anywhere, and books on CD are great for the car.
5. Keep reading to your child. Even after your child can read on their own, reading aloud is a special time together.
6. Become a family of readers. Let your child see you reading, too: books, magazines, newspapers, recipes and more.
7. Read where you are. Point out the words on cereal boxes, street signs, license plates and other text around your child.
8. Let your child choose what to read - at home, at the library, and at the bookstore.
9. Make reading fun! Read with expression and re-read favourite stories, encouraging your child to join in.
10. Have your child read to you. Let your child take a turn reading or telling stories, and praise their skills.
Read everyday. Lead a better life.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Highlights of 2012

In the past year (2012).... 1. What was the best thing that happened to you?
My mom and dad coming back to Canada and bringing them to New York City. Careerwise, level up from 7 to 12. The kids did great in school, Aloysius graduated with honors and best in French.

2. What was the worst thing that happened to you?
Almost got lost in Times Square with my two kids before New Year, thank God nagkita rin.

3. What was the most emotionally-stimulating (either in a positive or negative way) event?
The bible studies we did weekly. I continue to know more about God.

4. Who is the best friend that you met/made?
My cell group.
5. What was the best movie you watched?
Courageous and The Vow

6. What was the best book you read?
Old Testament Heroes (what bible characters did to become Leaders) Connecting-leadership essential both books by John C. Maxwell

7. What was your biggest life change, or biggest life-changing decision?
When I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour and to try my best to live the way that God wants, a fulfilling life with Him and for Him.

8. What favorite restaurant did you find?
Imperial and Mandarin buffets, hahaha Asian pa rin siyempre
9. What favorite new hobby did you take up? Actually, nawawala na ang time ko for this, dami ko pa scrap booking and blogging tasks to do, hopefully I can start again. My sons said I have another hobby - Facebooking LOL!

and here's a totally useless question: 10. At last count, how many pairs of black shoes do you own? :) 5- 2 boots, 2 flats, 1 wedge haha dami na pala.