Friday, 25 January 2013

How not to be depressed

I'm a normal person, I experience the same as what other people feel, yes even if you are the richest man here on earth, you also feel depressed. I've reached the highs and lows, and lately is more of lows but because I'm a child of God, He finds a way to talk to me. Today I heard a timely message on the radio and read many passages online. I miss my friends whom I can talk to anything under the sun, those who have time for girly and mushy stuff, asan na ba Kayo, khit online di ko Kayo Makita, hahaha..When I came here, my alternative was retail therapy, but I don't want to splurge because I don't have anything to spend. I don't know if it's the weather (yeah, it's also -13'C here) and the sun is not shining or the early part of the year is always the time you get anxious...what will happen this year? Will my goals be reached? I always think about so many many that it eats my time to pray and read God's words.

 The message that I heard today is about how not to be depressed:

1. Stay closer to God by reading the bible or hearing it in church.
2. find true friends to talk to,
3. brush any negative thoughts,
4. keep busy, do fun and worthwhile activities.

 I really thank God and for those praying for me and my family, that I'm no longer in my lows. Last night, I found a feel good movie to watch and right from the very start, I was already amused because the main character looked like me when I was still young. I hope you can find the resemblance in Irmee and Nam...LOL! I hope you will smile now.

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Kitts said...

tama, reach out to something that's funny or inspiring para ma-uplift agad diba :D ingat palagi!!