Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Toys for the boys

After sleeping over at mom’s, I miss my kids and I felt giving them something to make up for the one night I was not with them. Wendy asked me to accompany her in buying things for Candy at Rustan’s ATC and I ended up buying toys for the boys. I like one of them, it was a sale toy videoke with 2 mics and a cassette player that sounded llike a real one and I bought it for only P 600. My kids loved it. Kuya Miggy tried singing along the Nursery Rhymes I put on the cassette. The toy videoke machine had 3 buttons that produces 3 different sounds (claps, laughter and boos). Kyle was busy playing with these buttons while Aloysius sang.

Sick again!

I was diagnosed with UTI from my last pre-natal check up. Against my will, I took antibiotics prescribed by my OB. Today, I took it on an empty stomach (just drink milk) and after eating breakfast (late na kasi) my stomach ached and I threw up all my food intake. I had to rest for a while to find out if I’ll be ok but at lunch I decided to go to my OB and report for work. After office, I wnt to my mom’s house for mother’s healing food / hilot / massage..I always go to her (you know mother’s care) for healing and comfort and I had to stay overnight because I overslept. My kids will definitely ask for me so I called them up and made bilins.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Frank and Potty Training

At 3:00 a.m., we were awakened by strong gusty winds and the branches and “santol” falling our roof. Kyle was crying because he thought it was thunderstorm. The whole day was stormy because Frank signal for Metro Manila is at No. 3. We enjoyed the day playing and doing activities without watching TV. This is also the start of the day I tried to train Kyle on potty again (I attempted and failed before). There were accidents but Kuya and I just laugh at it.

The next day, he can use the CR already but with assistance. By Monday, it was a success! He joyfully tells us, “Mommy, finish na ko mag-wiwi dun sa CR” after each turn. Ang galing noh, 3 days lang!

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Last Hurrah at Fisher's Eco Farm

There had been developments in our company and the changes affected our group. Looks like our tightly-knit family will be disbanded and go to different departments in our sister company. Luckily for me, I'll still be doing the same function for the US companies. It's an early farewell to my dear team so we had a last teambuilding and outing at the same time at Fisher's Eco Farm in Cavite - our last hurrah. Will post some pictures as soon as I grab from those who had their camera with them. I enjoyed the half-day, although most of the time I slept at the cottage, hahaha. Only the moms went home earlier, the rest are still there to spend the night as I write. I just hope that my PEO team will remember all the good things I taught them and the rest of the Phil Global team will still keep in touch even if we are already dispersed by July. Watch for all those photos :)