Monday, 24 September 2007

Flipping over flip flops!

I was hoping I’ll have a Havaianas or Crocs but these expensive footwear is not a practical choice. I’m glad there’s Banana Peel for a budget-conscious fashionista wannabee like me hehehe. Would you believe that a pair of Havaianas would give you 10 pairs of Banana Peel flip flops? I love their designs and I’m looking forward to wearing my 2nd and 3rd pairs to our Bohol Trip next month and Palawan trip in December. I also bought terno Winnie the Pooh pairs for my two boys.

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Someone's waiting for you!

Be brave little one
Make a wish for each sad little tear
Hold your head up when no one is near
Someone’s waiting for you.

Don’t cry, little one.
There’ll be a smile where a frown used to be
You’ll be part of the love that you seek.
Someone’s waiting for you.

Always keep a little prayer in your pocket
And you’re sure to see the light.
Soon there’ll be joy and happiness.
And your little world will be bright.

Have faith little one
Till your hopes and your wishes come true
You must try to be brave little one
Someone’s waiting to love you.

I used to sing this song by Lea Salonga when I was still a little girl. The song is very special to me because the words comforted me when one night while camping (Girl Scout) at Caliraya, I had no one to go with me to cross the hill in a dark and rainy night to get drinking water. I was only 12 years old then and it was my first time to be away from home where everything else is being served to me (I was blessed to have a yaya, lola and stay at home mom back then). I was crying while singing but the tune and lyrics made me move on and I was able to reach my goal (to get water for my patrol). I was reminiscing these every time I sing that song while on my way to work because the thought of leaving home and walking in dark and eerie streets to reach my destination is one hell of a struggle. I just hope that someone’s waiting for me at the end of the tunnel. Maybe the Lord saying, Well done Irmee! Or the Visa Officer saying Enjoy your stay here! I just hope that I can sing the song over and over until the words in the last phrase are fulfilled. The Girl Scout Leadership Award I got for that one night made a difference in my life. I’m sure God has another one in store for me and my family. Keep on singing, Irmee!

Friday, 7 September 2007

Can you top that?

I used to hate Mancoms (layman's: Management Committee Meetings). During my time at SMCD I had the privilege to prepare Mancom report and present them to all managers and BU heads. Not only do I get bored with the numbers that those from operations is presenting. I also felt that only our presentation made impact to others (considering our reports mirror their performance). Now, it's my turn to report as a BU Head and it's only now I understood what those numbers mean and I realize that for the execs, those figures makes impact. When I transferred in Global, I brought with me AIMS responsibility and expertise and made some application suited to our operations (lammo naman, tamad gusto ng shortcut at automated).

The Query Monitoring project was my main topic in this week's Mancom and as I was explaining it, JMD (our American CEO) becomes excited and started asking questions which I readily answered. Maybe I got this from my former boss(Hi Rich), but I made sure that my pitch would definitely get most, if not all of the managers' buy-in before the meeting ends and surely after my pitch, I got my usual Very Good from JMD. What's amazing is that before introducing the next presenter, he said "Can you top that, Peachy?" Now that's one reason not to hate Mancoms, I even love it now. :)