Monday, 25 June 2007

We're going to Bohol!

“It’s time everyone flies” as Cebu Pacific would say. Finally I got a good deal from the 99 pesos all domestic flights promo of Cebu Pacific for October 17 to 20. I’m so excited that upon getting a schedule and determining the cost, I immediately called Lito and asked if we could go and he said yes provided that we bring another adult to help us take care of Kyle and Miggy. SO after calling Tita Ces (who’s been to Bohol but not yet in Panglao), I immediately confirmed my booking and called Lito that it’s all set. Yehey! Finally, my dream trips are becoming realities. After Bohol, here’s my planned trips lined up: Boracay, Puerto Princesa with Subterrenean River Cruise, Busuanga or Coron, El Nido, HK Disney…oops chaka na lang yung Asian trips, eto na lang muna. Hahahaha.

Here's our e-ticket:

Monday, 18 June 2007

Ruth VS. Naomi

Ruth vs. Naomi

Finally, he had the guts to tell her not to comment anymore because that starts the problem. I dunno what’s come over her or maybe she’s too sensitive to accept that he is telling her this or maybe she cannot bear her grudge to me anymore that’s why she broke loose and let it all out (well, most of it). Her anger started when we inquired where the Teflon frying pan is, then she blurted out “dapat kc pinagluto muna yung yaya bago pinag day-off”. Then he said something like “Wag na ksi kayo mag-comment kaya nagkakagulo, tanung lang naman kung nasaan yung Teflon, ksi si Irmee na nga magluluto” It’s ok with me to cook this time but my mistake was to put the porkchop in my own marinade when she already said na me timpla na. That sparked the flame more and she was not angry at him anymore for the”she starts the problem issue” but to me for the many old and kept issues. “Naipon na ata” “Kaya pala she was ignoring me all this time especially when I talk to her and address the conversation to her.” Anyway, I just let her talk and it doesn’t really matter to me anymore what she says. “Kung sino asar, talo.” She always has a comment on anything and she can’t tell the person involved directly. She only complains to the person who will listen to her which I am against because it’s like barking at the wrong tree. Being raised independently, I was trained to do the things on my own and I had my own ways of doing things. With that, we disagree on most things but I can only keep it to myself because I need to “makisama” and at this time I cannot do anything but to be where he is and sacrifice a little until our Canadian or US L1 visa is approved. I just wished she knew the real reasons why I’m not a good Ruth - I don’t want to stay there anymore, I don’t want to compete with her or be expected to please her – It’s just not me. I just want to have my own house and be the queen. There’s a saying that there’s only one queen in a kingdom and I definitely want to be the queen because I’ve always been one. I just hope that we move to our own castle soon. How I pray to be like Ruth to this hard to please Naomi. May God bless me.

Friday, 8 June 2007

Win Some, Lose some

Not everything is a WIN-WIN situation. I was shocked to find out that my boss (our QMR, my superior, not the American) and his 2 buddies opt to cease their services with the company. It's actually a good decision since with their competencies, they have great opportunities outside. Sir Rich was a good mentor (also good-looking as most ADEC employees say, too late to sip-sip hahaha). After Anna left, I took her place in coordinating with the group and I had the opportunity to talk to him more than the rest of the group. I tell you, I had more lessons learned, more wisdom gathered than tasks delegated and I will forever keep them on hand. Thanks Sir Rich. You are a walking John Maxwell and Proverbs combined, hehehe sip sip talaga...Googoo and Varian were likewise supportive and not snob (as my first impressions were) when it comes to work. Goo, thanks for sharing The Secret. I will always remember the Ernie and Bert style of you too. How I will miss you guys! If Caryl and Merci shed a tear or buckets of them today on your last day, I will keep my composure (I am good at hiding feelings you know) but I share their sentiments. You are a great loss to our team and to our company. It's just too bad that some people don't realize that. I hope you will add me to your numerous friends that you encounter and will not only be included in the list but remembered as well. We will keep in touch, okay?

Here's our picture during the turn-over ceremonies:

Good Luck in your endeavors. (a treat at Starbucks would be nice to have a chit chat :)