Friday, 8 June 2007

Win Some, Lose some

Not everything is a WIN-WIN situation. I was shocked to find out that my boss (our QMR, my superior, not the American) and his 2 buddies opt to cease their services with the company. It's actually a good decision since with their competencies, they have great opportunities outside. Sir Rich was a good mentor (also good-looking as most ADEC employees say, too late to sip-sip hahaha). After Anna left, I took her place in coordinating with the group and I had the opportunity to talk to him more than the rest of the group. I tell you, I had more lessons learned, more wisdom gathered than tasks delegated and I will forever keep them on hand. Thanks Sir Rich. You are a walking John Maxwell and Proverbs combined, hehehe sip sip talaga...Googoo and Varian were likewise supportive and not snob (as my first impressions were) when it comes to work. Goo, thanks for sharing The Secret. I will always remember the Ernie and Bert style of you too. How I will miss you guys! If Caryl and Merci shed a tear or buckets of them today on your last day, I will keep my composure (I am good at hiding feelings you know) but I share their sentiments. You are a great loss to our team and to our company. It's just too bad that some people don't realize that. I hope you will add me to your numerous friends that you encounter and will not only be included in the list but remembered as well. We will keep in touch, okay?

Here's our picture during the turn-over ceremonies:

Good Luck in your endeavors. (a treat at Starbucks would be nice to have a chit chat :)

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