Monday, 28 May 2007

Think Globally and tell your boss

I submitted my resignation letter and I didnt expect that they will be convincing me to stay. At first, I hesitated to talk to the CEO because I already made up my mind but maybe he's good at convincing people and so I was convinced :) Who would not say no to your CEO? I was flattered and the gesture added points to my self-esteem. He was an American by the way. I told him why I am resigning, my frustrations, some of my rants and the opportunities awaiting for me in the other company. He apologized for everything and he said that if I still go, he would make sure that I'll get a package commensurate to what I didnt get but deserved anyway. The other option is to stay and have the opportunity to work in his other companies in the US. I chose the latter because even if we go to Canada later, I would still look for a job and what's he's offering is a sure thing and an L-1 visa. Once approved, I can immediately bring my family with me and Lito can work there too, legally that is. I just hope that this will materialize soon. We're looking at 3-6 months but CEO wanted it the sooner the better. It took 2 weeks before it all sinked in my head and share it here. It's only now that I'm beginning to be excited, joyful and nervous all at the same time with this new undertaking I'm about to face. Anyway, the where and when is not definite yet. I'm just taking the word of our CEO and I believed him because he has already sent Marisel there and Anna is soon to follow. It's just a matter of time. In God's time.

I'd like to close this blog entry with this.."What you want isn't always what you get but in the end what you get is better than what you wanted" Praise God!

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Faye said...

hi, ate irms! yun nga rin ang sabi ko kay irvin. pano kako kung ma-approve kayo agad?! we'll see... email ko na lang sayo ang dates. yoko muna broadcast. haha! basta 2 weeks and in time for christmas. :)

also, sana nga mag-materialize yan asap. good luck!