Wednesday, 2 May 2007


Spiderman 3’s opening day today, 3 days ahead of United States opening. Since it’s a holiday, what an opportunity for Lito and I to have a movie date again. We were not surprised to see long queues at the ticket booth but since it’s showing in all the cinemas at SM, we found good seats and was able to watch coming-soon movie sneak previews. I miss this because most of the time, we only enter when the movie is just about to start or the title and credits have already been shown.

The movie is expected to introduce new effects and more action scenes and I guess it didn’t fail the viewers on that aspect. I also liked the scenes where Peter Parker turned to the dark side and wore the black suit. His transformation made him “cool” and funny in a way. I loved the scene where he strutted down the street and looked dashing when he stepped out of the fashion store. What disappoints me is that the villain’s becoming one is too vague. Both the Sandman and Venom existence was not explained well in the scenes unlike the Octopus Man from Spiderman 2. Venom’s source came from the outer space alright and according to Peter’s Professor it gets its traits from its host so I’m wondering why did Eddie Brock became a Venom and got the Spiderman’s characteristics when he was just a freelance photographer? And why did Sandman just left like that? Did Spiderman just forgive and allow him to steal because he explained he needed money for his kid? I got confused there or maybe I wasn’t paying attention. The movie is lengthy, make sure you’ve already eaten before you watch it. Anyway, generally, we enjoyed the movie and the mala-“Dawson’s Creek” drama scenes of Peter and MJ didn’t matter too much. I almost forgot Harry Osborne (the James Dean look-alike friend of Peter and MJ), I was so glad to see him and at the turn of events toward the end of the movie. What’s remarkable was the last dialogue of Peter Parker –“We are all faced with choices. It’s a matter of making the right ones.” Or something to that effect….very timely to me. I hope to make the right choice soon…:). As for you, watch the movie and make a choice of liking it or not.

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