Tuesday, 30 September 2008

E-CAS Status

Every Tuesday is the schedule of update in the E-Cas or Electronic Client Application Status feature of the Canadian Immigration Center - Manila website. But after the threatened pre-term labor I experienced caused by the stress and anxiety in waiting for the visa, I ceased checking on E-CAS. I'll only learn who among my batchmates got their visas thru the forum I've joined for the immigration questions and how-tos. Today, I found out that 2 of my batchmates have been granted their visa and 2 others whose processing started weeks after mine, also got their visa. I tried checking on E-cas but it still says "In Process". Haay.

Looks like it'll be after I give birth and submit my baby's papers until I get to hear from them. I've been looking forward to the day I'll get pur passports back with the visa stamped on it but as the days passed, my excitement fades. Oh well, let it be. I'll wait patiently. Our time will come.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

It's Alexus and not Athena

I went for an OB-check up today and I had mixed emotions after finding out that the baby inside me is another boy. I'm going to have 3 boys and I can't believe it. I wonder what kind of sports God wanted my family to get into to make into one team? hehehe. Seriously, It's only now its starting to sink in me. I almost forgot that I don't have a name for a baby boy because I'm looking forward to a baby girl. My firstborn Aloysius had a good suggestion and after telling Lito, we decided that we will name him Alexus - in the tradition of naming my children Greek. By the way, the meaning of the name Alexus is defender.

After all the stress and negative feelings that my baby felt while inside me, I felt like making it up to him. He deserves better and so I'm dedicating this song I've been singing in my mind for sometime now. It's a love song for lovers but the lyrics give a different meaning in our mother and son relationship.

How did you know I needed someone like you in my life?
To fill up the empty space in my heart
the day that you came here in my life
I wouldnt forget how you brought the sun to shine in my life
and forget all the worries and fears that I have
I guess what I'm really trying to say
It's not everyday that someone like you comes my way
No words can express how much I love you.

Friday, 26 September 2008

New Look and Feel - I hope you like it

Finally, I was able to make a facelift of this blog. Thanks to ourblogtemplates.com for the sunset template I got for this. At first, I got frustrated because when I changed the template, it prompted me that all other widget will be removed. I saved the template first just in case, I was unhappy with the outcome, I can revert it back to the old layout. I was surprised to find out that after the new template was effected, my other widgets and html/javascripts were all gone. I was still hopeful but after I reload the old template the widgets were not restored. I had to consult with the other nawies and some of them confirmed that it’s really crazy to be changing templates because they also experienced it. I had no choice but to get the codes again from the different sites. Although some of my favorite links are included in the blogroll that Janis provided, I didn’t have the others. I had to search again for their blogs. Then I had to fit in the widget with the sidebar’s standard size and adjust the colors to match the theme. Yellow and Orange are two of my favorite colors because they reflect my personality and denotes a happy, positive tone.

After 2 days of tweaking, I finally was able to get the look that I like and I was happy with the results. I wish I could still squeeze in a slideshow of favorite photos of my family (that would be the next project). At last, I’m relieved that before the new month starts, my blog has a new look and feel - hopefully, with an appeal to get and earn more $$ opportunities.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Dream interpretation – scissors

Last night, I dreamt I was looking for something and when I opened a storage box, I saw a pair of scissors, it is not clear if it sharp, but I can see it is still new. I don’t remember touching the scissors. In another scene, I saw myself getting a new haircut using scissors by a hairdresser.

I searched on the meaning of scissors and here’s what I found:

To dream that you are using scissors, denotes decisiveness and control in your waking life. Alternatively, it may suggests that you need to get rid of something in your life. It also represents your ability to cut things or people out of your life.

Cutting away what no longer benefits you; a fear of being cut off. Might be representative of the desire to break away from something or someone. Could also symbolize cutting remarks.

Looking at a pair of scissors could suggest that you may get hurt, if you get involved in a conflict between others.

I like the warning of the last interpretation as I’m more likely to be in a mood for quarrel now and would not want to get hurt in the process. Thanks for this dream.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Gentle Breeze amidst a storm

I promised myself not to feel any negative emotions as this may affect my baby but I can’t help but pour some musings to this blog. I just don’t understand why some people do not consider your condition and just go on with their carelessness to disturb you. I don’t know if this is done intentionally to annoy me or they are just basically wicked. I thank God that I’m pregnant now because if I was not, I’m sure I’d return the favor. I think I’ve come to a certain point in my life where I’ve come to accept the situation and let it flow without doing something about it. Is this what they called “Maturity”? Haay, being 40 is not that easy, have to do a lot of thinking and analyzing why things happen before I can accept the outcome. Talk about root cause analysis in NCAPAC, it’s not that easy applying in real life (well, in my life)…Good thing, I still have sanity to continue through the day and my friends who keep me sane as well. Be cool Irmee…your baby is smiling…

Friday, 19 September 2008

It is Enough

With what I'm going through right now, I feel blessed to have someone sent me this. Very inspiring.

It is enough
It is enough that you are alive and able to experience this beautiful day.
It is enough that you can choose to live with joy and thankfulness in your heart.
Much of life's anguish comes from the empty pursuit of more, more and more.
The way to truly grow is to let go of your needs.
Much of what you think you need, you don't. Much of what you cling to holds you back.
When your thoughts are filled with envy, resentment, want and desperation,
it becomes nearly impossible to get anything done. By contrast, when you know you have enough, you become amazingly creative, effective and productive.

To experience abundance is simply a matter of knowing that it is yours.
Remind yourself that what you are is enough, that what you have is enough for this moment, and you'll find yourself immersed in abundance. It is enough that you are here now and able to move forward with positive intention. With a joyful heart, live fully the real treasure that is
already yours.
-Ralph Marston

Worth reading over and over and over again… It helps me stay grounded.
Hope this helps you too…

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Dream interpretation Part 2

I have noted down the dreams I had for the past week and here’s what I’ve found out about them:

I dreamt I have long, wavy and styled like a model’s hair.
Dreaming that you have long hair indicates that you are thinking long and carefully before making some decision. You are concentrating on some plan or situation.

I also remember dreaming about a spiral staircase.
Dreaming about a SPIRAL STAIRCASE means trying to come to some conclusion on some very difficult subject.

The last one I remember for this week is a scene where I am in one of a house being built. And the internet says, Building a house or seeing one under construction forecasts unexpected gain, possibly through a legacy.

The meanings reveal more of what I have been doing (planning and concluding). I wonder what would be the outcome of the last interpretation. I hope that one will be realized….hmmm, unexpected gain.?? From whom or from where…let’s see…

Monday, 15 September 2008

Episodic Asthma

My firstborn Aloysius was diagnosed with Episodic Asthma. He was coughing on and off for 2 months now and usually the dry cough attacks after he plays hard or have been jumping or running around which is part of their daily activities at home. He and Kyle was diagnosed with Upper Respiratory Tract Inspection (URTI) two weeks ago, Kyle got well but Miggy’s coughing doesn’t improve despite the medication he took. It was Wendy’s suggestion to bring him to a Pedia-Pulmonologist and so we went to see one last Saturday.

After finding out about Aloysius having asthma, I searched the internet and here are some information worth reading: Asthma is common in childhood—approximately 1 in 5 children will suffer from symptoms of asthma at some time. About 50% of children with asthma have onset of their symptoms in the first 3years, and about 80% will have developed their asthma by 7 years of age. Asthma in the pre-school age occurs most
commonly with viral respiratory tract infections, such as the common cold, and in
many children symptoms occur only with these viral infections.

Symptoms which should suggest the possibility of asthma include:
• episodes of cough and/or wheeze (whistling sound) associated with colds
• persistent night-time cough during and/or between colds
• breathlessness, cough and/or wheeze with exercise or excitement

Asthma can best be described as a condition in which the airways (breathing tubes) are more sensitive than normal and tend to narrow in response to certain triggers.
This narrowing is due to:
• swelling of the lining of the airway
• increased mucus in the airway
• “bronchospasm” (contraction of the muscle layer surrounding the airway)
This narrowing leads to the symptoms of asthma, cough if the narrowing is mild, wheeze if the narrowing is moderate and breathlessness and breathing difficulty if the narrowing is severe. Triggers which can produce this narrowing include viral infections, exercise allergens (e.g. house dust
mite) weather change and various irritants (e.g.
cigarette smoke). This also meant removal of all our carpets and hairy stuffed toys.. Bye Pampa….Kyle was crying hard and got angry with me as I keep his toys in the cabinet.

Although asthma is common in the pre-school age group, the majority of children have a mild form of the disease. Asthma may be divided into the following forms:
1. Mild episodic asthma—this form occurs in about 75% of children, with episodes occurring only with colds and less than every 2 months. Some children may only have 2-3 episodes in their lifetime.
2. Frequent episodic asthma—this form occurs in about 20% of children. The episodes occur every 6-8 weeks or even more frequently and sometimes there are some mild symptoms such as night-time cough or exercise cough/wheeze between episodes.
3. Chronic asthma—this form occurs in less than 5% of children. These children have daily symptoms of cough and/or wheeze, often at night or on wakening and also with exercise. They also may have acute episodes of wheezing with other triggers.

Children with mild episodic asthma may only require relieving medications during the acute episodes of cough/wheeze. Children with frequent episodic asthma and chronic asthma should have regular preventive therapy as well as using relieving medications for treatment of symptoms.

I’m not sure if Aloysius’ asthma belong to the Mild or Frequent episodic type. He is still under the 10-day treatment/observation stage.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Kyle's Speech Dictionary

Kyle is turning 3 in January but he has not developed his fluency in speaking unlike his kuya who learned everything in advance. Well, developments in children vary and it’s inevitable. As mush as possible, we do not speak baby talk for him to learn faster, but to no avail. One needs to be patient in waiting and supportive while at it. I find it cute when Kyle speaks these words and can’t help but put it here for reference in my scrapbooking journals:

Gamgam – langgam (ants)
Mall – small
Hudas – hugas (wash) “Yaya hudas na, nag uu ako.” (Yaya please wash me I made poop)
Tadat – kagat (insect bite) “Mommy please put vicks, me tadat ako.” (I have insect bite)
Cool – School “Mommy, did kuya go to cool?”
White Car – taxi cab “I don’t like to ride here (fx), gusto ko sa white car.”
(I like to ride taxi instead of fx)
Nudets – chicken nuggets
And the list doesn’t end here, I just don’t’ remember the rest….will update this post as soon as I recall.

He replaces “g” with “d” and removes the “s” as the start of the word. Sometimes, he murmurs words that only he can understand. How I wish I can always be there to interpret what he is saying.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Finally, Anna got hitched!

My former officemate Anna Alvarez whom I shared common friends like Nini and Jessica. (Yes, we’re of the same age hehehe, sorry A, I need to brag our life just beginning) finally got married today in civil rites at Windmills and Forest, QC. I guess many (including mine) eyebrows raised upon hearing that their “online” relationship ended in marriage. Yeah, it’s true. I would say, it’s one for the books. Who would have thought that Anna would say yes to a guy he has not seen personally? Their online thingy started 2 years ago and since then their day to day activities included chatting and viewing each other’s webcam. When I went to the US last March, I thought Anna has already forgotten about this guy and found an “American” whom she fancies too much before. But I realized she was already hooked. Our other managers tried “convincing” her to think it (the marriage) over very well because she doesn’t know the guy that much to move on to the next level. Since Anna and Archie Cuadron, have proven us all wrong (I hope), they proceeded with their plans. Today, I saw, much to my surprise, a couple in love and excitingly enjoying the marriage rites as if they have been waiting for this moment all their lives (I know Anna does). Their love story was briefly told in the program and we enjoyed the food and entertainment. I’d like to repeat my message /speech here, “I’ve known Anna and she has an eye for quality. She has waited all her life to find her man and I hope she found that quality man in you, Archie. She is special to us (that special to cancel a MANCOM Meeting on a Monday and our CEO Mr. James Donovan to join us in this special event) so please take care of my friend. I hope and pray for a fruitful and lasting relationship for the two of you.”

Here are some pictures from the wedding:

Sunday, 7 September 2008

EK adventure of my kids

I was supposed to go with my kids at the Convergys Family day at Enchanted Kingdom but since I was not feeling well and Cecille has not gone there yet, I let her join the kids. I guess they enjoyed every ride they took as seen in the pictures. I realized that my kids are all grown up now especially Kyle that he was able to ride those for pre-schoolers like Up, up and away and Wheel of Fate when he was only 2 and a half years old. Thanks to my sis-in-law Sha and Mike for making this happen.

More pics in my multiply account.

Stressfull Day!

Today, my yaya decided to say goodbye without a replacement. She and nanay had a fight over something too insignificant. I was too upset but didn’t say a word or expressed my feelings. The kids and I just decided to go to my mom’s place that very moment while they were still in the middle of the fight. I was disappointed because yaya is a very reliable help and I know she loved my children. Anyway, when I went to the OB later, I found out that my glucose is now ok but my blood pressure is high. I’m thankful that I already let go of the visa anxieties, I only have a handful to make me stressed. Haay!