Monday, 8 September 2008

Finally, Anna got hitched!

My former officemate Anna Alvarez whom I shared common friends like Nini and Jessica. (Yes, we’re of the same age hehehe, sorry A, I need to brag our life just beginning) finally got married today in civil rites at Windmills and Forest, QC. I guess many (including mine) eyebrows raised upon hearing that their “online” relationship ended in marriage. Yeah, it’s true. I would say, it’s one for the books. Who would have thought that Anna would say yes to a guy he has not seen personally? Their online thingy started 2 years ago and since then their day to day activities included chatting and viewing each other’s webcam. When I went to the US last March, I thought Anna has already forgotten about this guy and found an “American” whom she fancies too much before. But I realized she was already hooked. Our other managers tried “convincing” her to think it (the marriage) over very well because she doesn’t know the guy that much to move on to the next level. Since Anna and Archie Cuadron, have proven us all wrong (I hope), they proceeded with their plans. Today, I saw, much to my surprise, a couple in love and excitingly enjoying the marriage rites as if they have been waiting for this moment all their lives (I know Anna does). Their love story was briefly told in the program and we enjoyed the food and entertainment. I’d like to repeat my message /speech here, “I’ve known Anna and she has an eye for quality. She has waited all her life to find her man and I hope she found that quality man in you, Archie. She is special to us (that special to cancel a MANCOM Meeting on a Monday and our CEO Mr. James Donovan to join us in this special event) so please take care of my friend. I hope and pray for a fruitful and lasting relationship for the two of you.”

Here are some pictures from the wedding:

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