Saturday, 13 September 2008

Kyle's Speech Dictionary

Kyle is turning 3 in January but he has not developed his fluency in speaking unlike his kuya who learned everything in advance. Well, developments in children vary and it’s inevitable. As mush as possible, we do not speak baby talk for him to learn faster, but to no avail. One needs to be patient in waiting and supportive while at it. I find it cute when Kyle speaks these words and can’t help but put it here for reference in my scrapbooking journals:

Gamgam – langgam (ants)
Mall – small
Hudas – hugas (wash) “Yaya hudas na, nag uu ako.” (Yaya please wash me I made poop)
Tadat – kagat (insect bite) “Mommy please put vicks, me tadat ako.” (I have insect bite)
Cool – School “Mommy, did kuya go to cool?”
White Car – taxi cab “I don’t like to ride here (fx), gusto ko sa white car.”
(I like to ride taxi instead of fx)
Nudets – chicken nuggets
And the list doesn’t end here, I just don’t’ remember the rest….will update this post as soon as I recall.

He replaces “g” with “d” and removes the “s” as the start of the word. Sometimes, he murmurs words that only he can understand. How I wish I can always be there to interpret what he is saying.

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