Tuesday, 25 January 2011

What motivates you?

It's this time of the year when the corporate bigwigs start to roll out their plans and goals for the employees to follow in creating their own. Usually there is a target to meet or exceed. When that happens (exceeding the target), there is an incentive or bonus. That strategy is an effective way to motivate people in order to achieve the corporate goal. So my question now is - applying that strategy in your own life, what would be your goal for the year and what motivates you?

I learned that our life is like a pie where every slice represent an aspect and it should be distributed if not equally, in balanced proportion. Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Social, or Mental are what makes our pie and if we do not spend some of our time, effort or money in one of these makes our life less than perfect.

Like in the previous years, my goals always include plans to improve my SPESM life. That means joining a new ministry in church, enrolling in a physical activity, reconnecting and be with friends, learning a new skill, saving for the house or a trip etc. In all these aspects, you have role models and characters that you look up to. Some of them inspires and motivates you to keep you going and achieve your goals. Others make their goals their motivation too. Seeing that poster of a beach is a motivating factor to save for that trip in the Philippines to enjoy a Boracay or Palawan holiday or buying that Delsey luggage to make it to the first base of your travel goals.

Whatever your goal is, set it within eye level --> make it visible to the eye so you will always think about it and everything follows to work at achieving it. "Whatever your mind conceives, your body achieves."

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Blood, hospitals, scrubs or anything medical

I could have taken a medical course and enjoy a lucrative profession but I was afraid of being in a hospital. Would you believe that the very first time I was admitted in a hospital was when I gave birth to Aloysius? I have been blessed with good health and going to clinics if I was sick would be enough to heal me. Just seeing someone wearing white lab coats coming my way, I would think that he will give me a shot or take blood from me. Seeing blood even my own will make me faint.

I frequented hospitals when my children arrived because of regular check ups. If I remember it right, there were 2 times that Aloysius was admitted and stayed for a week because of gastroentirits and respiratory problem. I was crying when they were putting dextrose in Aloysius. I cannot even look at the needle but my child was very brave. He also liked it there in the hospital because the nurses were friendly and they were wearing scrubs with cartoon characters printed in them.

When I came here, actually, it started in the US when I had a chance to go a hospital there, my fear somehow disappeared. The halls in hospitals here are not that eerie and it looked more of a hotel. The smell is also not that bad - you know that certain hospital smell? Anyway, my perception of those wearing hospital uniforms also changed. I could have been one of them too, but it is already late for me to go back to school and pursue a medical career. I hope one of my sons will be interested in that career path. God willing.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Our first roadtrip

It was a smooth-with-only-few-problems ride on our first road trip to the United States last Christmas. The car we got receives the highest safety awards and also with God's protection, we are confident that we are in good hands. We checked for quick and free insurance quotes and since the model we got is one of the safest in the minivan category, we are paying minimal for our car insurance. Our travel took 11 hours including the stops and the interview at the US embassy on the border in Buffalo. On the way home, we were challenged by foggy and poor visibility, but the cooperation of our children and the nice views in the countryside of Upstate New York make up for a memorable first road trip.

Good thing, Lito can take advantage of the cruise control feature of the car where you can just set the speed and hold on to the steering wheel to keep you going. The twin screen DVD player that we attached at the back of headrests also kept the kids busy. When they are not sleeping or playing games, they watched their favorite Disney, Spongebob and Tom and Jerry Series. I am not good in taking shots while the car is moving but I hope you enjoy these photos I took on our way to and from New York City:

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Kyle!

Thank God for Kyle and his first five years. My second son is now a grown up boy and I can't believe he is not speaking Tagalog anymore. When we use skype and chat with those in the Philippines, he is telling them he doesn't speak Taga-long anymore. I still hope he understands our native tongue because that's what we still use at home, well at least for Lito and I.

Kyle already received his Christmas and advanced birthday gifts last December but we still got him a Little Tikes basketball court (from Goodwill at 50% off) and the Bumblebee mask to match the robotic arm he got from Irvin and Faye. He said he will be Bumblebee in the next Halloween. Here's is the preview:

Monday, 3 January 2011

My 2011 Calendar will have my kids artwork in it

Yes, my kids won their first Safety Calendar drawing contest! The calendar's theme for the year is school safety and seasonal safety. Miggy drew a kid skating and it says "Never skate on thin ice" and Kyle drew a man drowning that said "Don't swim alone". Both their drawings will be displayed in the months of March and August respectively. I'm so proud of my children. I remember my boss asking me if I had anything to do with Kyle's drawing and I told him I didn't have any talent in drawing so it must be his work and not mine. He was amazed at how it was organized and colored by a 4-yr old boy, even the handwriting looked like mine but Kyle's handwriting is really good (akala mo me ruler LOL). Miggy's work is exceptional too. I just hope that these make a good portfolio when they apply for the Etobicoke School of the Arts in high school. Here are the photos with their prize and winning entries:

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Bye 2010, Hello 2011

There is so much to thank God for in the past year and I want to mention those events that have a special place in my heart;

1. the moment I got accepted in my first job in Canada
2. my 1st birthday in Canada @ Centreville
3. our trip to Montreal, Quebec, Kingston and Ottawa,
4. the transfer to our new home in Etobicoke
5. the start of bible study (learning and growing in Christ) in our home
6. the children's dedication
7. our trip to New York City in our new car

and many others I couldn't remember at this time. Anyway, I want to thank those people who have been a part of our lives, those who have touched and made an impact in our lives, and those who share with us the joys and events of the past years and the years to come. Thank God for all of you.

More blessings and answers to BHAP (Big, Hairy, Audacious Prayers) in the coming year.

God is really good.