Saturday, 22 January 2011

Blood, hospitals, scrubs or anything medical

I could have taken a medical course and enjoy a lucrative profession but I was afraid of being in a hospital. Would you believe that the very first time I was admitted in a hospital was when I gave birth to Aloysius? I have been blessed with good health and going to clinics if I was sick would be enough to heal me. Just seeing someone wearing white lab coats coming my way, I would think that he will give me a shot or take blood from me. Seeing blood even my own will make me faint.

I frequented hospitals when my children arrived because of regular check ups. If I remember it right, there were 2 times that Aloysius was admitted and stayed for a week because of gastroentirits and respiratory problem. I was crying when they were putting dextrose in Aloysius. I cannot even look at the needle but my child was very brave. He also liked it there in the hospital because the nurses were friendly and they were wearing scrubs with cartoon characters printed in them.

When I came here, actually, it started in the US when I had a chance to go a hospital there, my fear somehow disappeared. The halls in hospitals here are not that eerie and it looked more of a hotel. The smell is also not that bad - you know that certain hospital smell? Anyway, my perception of those wearing hospital uniforms also changed. I could have been one of them too, but it is already late for me to go back to school and pursue a medical career. I hope one of my sons will be interested in that career path. God willing.

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