Sunday, 25 March 2007

Castillo Clan Get Together

Last night, we had a mini-reunion during dinner celebration of Kuya Josel’s 40th Birthday (Lito’s first cousin, son of Salvador Castillo, brother of Tatay Samuel) and his 12-year-old-daughter Aliya’s graduation. We were surprised to see Michelle or Sweet as she is fondly called after over a year stay in the US (She’s working there as nurse). How we wished Irvin and Faye and also Tita Neneng’s sons were here to complete the Castillo clan. The children or grandchildren I should say especially Achilles enjoyed the event. He is somehow different from Aloysius who is ‘suplado” to other guests because Kyle goes from table to table to smile and “magpa-cute” sa mga girls. He even waved bye and flashed beautiful eyes to Sweet’s classmates before we went home. I could only mutter, “Chick Boy din pala ang anak ko. Kanino kaya nagmana? :) ”

Friday, 23 March 2007

Aloysius’ First School Year ended

Would you believe that Aloy’s very first schoolyear is over? Yes, the school year 2006-2007 ended and I can’t believe how time flies. I remember the first few weeks, it was very hard for him to wake up early, eat breakfast, what more take a bath and get ready for school. His class is from 8:00 am until 10:30 am and most of the time, the house is very busy (and noisy) trying to fix Aloy in order for him to come on time. There was also a time that he already lost interest in going to school because he is being bullied. (I’ve posted my email rant in my e-group regarding this) and I’m glad he also graduated from it. I guess he already became friends with Isaak that’s why he changed attitude. All we can hear are stories like Isaak said this or Isaak did this and no more Isaak hitting him.

I was happy that despite his play to learn attitude he was doing well in school. I was so proud and teary-eyed to see his exam papers because they’re either perfect or with only one to two mistakes. Considering that I have not spent time to review with him (It’s only Nanay who help him study before exams), my son is considered an achiever. But I was not disappointed either when I found out that he did not get any academic awards for the Junior Casa category even if he is 3rd in his class because the system is averaging and there are other classes included. Their first honor Francine is only third in the over-all ranking.

How I wish that we can continue to support and provide a good education for our children (which is very costly here in the Philippines) and I also wish that I could spend more time and teach him so that he can excel more. During my RFM days, when going to MalacaƱang to be in the registration table for the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines (TOSP is being sponsored by RFM), I was secretly hoping that I will be one of the parents of the Top 10 awardees in the future. I guess this is too far out, I have high hopes for my children and this is one of them. Well, dreaming is unlimited  I just wish that Aloy will be a somebody someday. For now, I’ll be a proud mom to put a Most Neat Ribbon as a Special Award to my firstborn in his first school year, Congratulations baby!

Miggy's Grades

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Movie Date at Gateway Mall

Lito and I went to Gateway Mall to have our passports renewed because the price is the same as going and lining up in DFA, Knowing me as matipid, I would rather go for the more convenient. It was a hot Friday so we decided to watch the movie 300 because I heard so many good reviews about this film. True to my friends’ words, 300 was really a hit. The action is non-stop from beginning to end. Gruesome it may seem, but the action really depicted what transpired in the scenes. For me, the more blood shed, the better. Call me brutal, but what do you think I named my son’s for? I hope you’ll also get a chance to watch it. It’s highly recommended.

Later, we decided not to report for work and spend the rest of the day “DATING”. I enjoyed our being twosome, it’s a rare experience nowadays because we already have kids. It’s not the I resent that fact but I also miss the dating. We had a chance to talk about our plans, our wishes, our children. It’s like when we are still planning to get married and have a family.

Of course, the date is not complete without eating. We ate at Razon’s, we love the Halo-Halo. Yum-yum!
Here’s the synopsis and poster of the movie 300.

Based on the epic graphic novel by Frank Miller, 300 is a ferocious retelling of the ancient Battle of Thermopylae in which King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) and 300 Spartans fought to the death against Xerxes and his massive Persian army. Facing insurmountable odds, their valor and sacrifice inspire all of Greece to unite.

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Wifespeaks Readers Slumbook

Congrats to my online friends at wifespeaks for their 2nd year anniversary. Here's my entries to the readers slumbook:


1. What is your (screen) name, and why did you choose that as your screen name?
IRMEE because that's my real name and it is unique.

2. How long have you been married? Have kids?
Civil - 9 yrs
Church - 7 yrs
Kids - 5 yrs
3. What is your favorite color? And how has your color preference influenced your life (if it has)?
ROY Red Orange Yellow in any order; Red because of the fiery effect, I'm like that sometimes too passionate; Orange because it enhances appetite and mine's big; Yellow because it signifies cheer and warmth. I believe I am both warm and cheerful.

4. What are your hobbies?
Reading, Scrapbooking, Blogging, Chatting (when I have time)

5. What is your motto in life?
Do things right the first time.

6. Do you have pets?
Fish na lang.

7. What are the three adjectives that best describe your spouse?

8. Give three songs that best describe you.
I wanna be rich
Material Girl
Old and wise

9. What satisfies you about the work that you do?
When I see that people use the application system I did.

10. Do you blog? Where? Can we visit?
Yes. and at mylot


1. Define Love.
Love conquers all.

2. Kakaibang talento mo.
Kumain ng marami nang hindi tumataba ng husto.

3. Share your adobo recipe.
half, half, half, half - Add 1/2 cup of vinegar, 1/2 cup soy sauce & 1/2 cup water in 1/2 kilo pork or chicken or both. Add minced garlic, laurel leaf and black pepper then bring to a boil. Simemr until meat is tender. Serve hot or cold.
Tip: wag hahaluin ang suka hanggang di kumukulo.

4. Describe your current screensaver/wallpaper.
company logo

5. During your teenage years, what fad/s did you follow? Why?
bagets style, bangs in spray net ksi yung ang in

6. How many times have you had a broken heart? Which was the worst and how did you recover from it?
twice, from my bf in highschool because he was stolen from me by my bestfriend and during college when a heartthrob swept me off my feet then later disappear.

7. If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?
to understand and speak all the languages so that I'll be able to communicate and help all the people.

8. What frightens you about getting old?
Not be able to walk, lakwatsera kasi ako.

9. Do you have a guilty pleasure?

10. What's your favorite chore?

11. Describe your wedding ring.
white and yellow gold combined.

12. If you could have a tattoo, what would it look like?
butterfly in my nape

13. What book would you like to be made into a movie? Who would you like to star in it?
The Promise by Danielle Steele - Anne Hattaway. Would love to see her in a semidrama flick with 2 different faces.

14. Share something that you do not believe in.
Feng Shui, I believe that God has plans for everyone and it cannot be changed.

15. What qualities are important to you in friendship?
Trust, give and take relationship, sharing same interests

16. So far, what WS topic have you found most helpful? Most entertaining? Most controversial?
Money matters, working mom vs stay at home, living with the in-laws - helpful;
Secrets - controversial;
What would you do if you win the lotto - entertaining


1. First love never dies. False

2. You can change your partner once you're married. False
3. The Philippines is worth it. True

4. Women are moodier than men. True

5. James Yap is innocent (Sorry Kris!). False

6. 80s fashion is coming back. False

7. Angels. True

8. Good and bad luck come in threes. False

9. Destiny. True

10. It is better to have love and lost, than never to have loved at all. True


1. What is you favorite skin care product?
2. What do you do to keep fit?
3. Where do you do your bargain shopping?
Tiangge, Surplus stores.
4. Recommend an effective household cleaning item.
Mr. Muscle
5. Sex.
Always be ready, a feminine wash or wipes should always be handy. :)

Thank-you-Teacher layout

The school year is almost over and since this is my son’s first time to finish a school year and his teacher made a significant impact in this ala-rollercoaster-ride-school phase in the life of my son, Teacher Grace deserve something special. And since I’m not into giving gifts because I can’t afford to, I’m giving teacher Grace a thank-you-teacher scrap page. I used a 6x6 cardstock and put 2 photos of Aloysius and teacher Grace. Cut a patterned paper using my shaped craft scissor to make a border for the photo and the card and put a green ribbon that holds the key and lock embellishments. I used Aloysius' remaining stickers to form the word Thank you and used metallic pens to write Teacher Grace and my sons name in the card. I used Sakura Aqualip pen in the tag to form the words I will before the sticker miss you so that the effect is a hidden message. I just hope that Teacher Grace will be pleased and Miggy will be remembered.

Sunday, 11 March 2007

Achilles - Shaolin style


It’s almost summer and the heat is on. Achilles is irritable because of the prickly heat that is now starting to appear in his back, neck all the way to his nape. He is scratching his head even on his sleep that we decided to go to the barbershop and have his head shaved – skin head shave. I think he liked the idea because he was not squirming and just looking either at me or in the mirror while his daddy is holding him and the barber is shaving his head. I had a good time taking pictures while Aloysius was crying in the background. The barbers and other salon personnel wondered what could be the reason why he was crying because it was so loud that he got everybody’s attention. Was it because he was afraid he was going to be next? Was it going to hurt? He was pinching me and told me that he doesn’t want people to tease his brother about being bald. I assured him that it will only be for the summer and eventually Kyle’s hair will grow back just like him when he was Kyle’s age. Knowing Aloysius, he didn’t stop crying until he was given a new toy. What a strategy! hahaha. Later when we got home, we showed him his picture when he was also skin head like Achilles and he can’t believe his eyes. Case closed.

Saturday, 10 March 2007

Six Sigma and other career options

I’ve been busy reading and studying books on Quality Management and Six Sigma that’s why I totally forgot about updating my blog. Well, It’s my first time to write (or rant as you would realize later on) about my career (if you might really call it one, huh). I’m not what you call an achiever if the basis would be high salaries and a high ranking title. Actually, that’s what frustrates me. They say that one’s salary should be at least the same or higher than her/his age in order to be called successful. Mine’s would you believe is inversely proportional hahaha, but really, as I age, my salary stayed the same but the responsibilities and expectations did not. To give you a background, I used to work in an IT environment, doing everything except hardcoding programs (because not only I’m not good at it but also I hated it;I am more of a visual programmer) and administering network users. I regret the fact that I was not able to join the SAP team. I could be earning 6 digit figures by now. I had a stint at doing internet and intranet projects but the company didn’t support (or even appreciate) this undertaking that I felt my career in that company is going nowhere. Eventually, I resigned and stayed at home for a year to attend to motherhood duties. After Kyle was born, I had this opportunity to work again. This time in another field but also associated with doing automation and system analysis. I liked my job, it exposed me to new things and I would say I become good at it. I slowly gained the self—esteem and confidence that I lost during the time that I was at home or even in my previous job. I had an American boss and I like his management style that motivated me more. But he was soon gone and a new boss came along. I learned a lot from this new boss because he introduced so many new things to us that also inspired us. I was beginning to like this new career of mine in Quality Management and at the same time utilizing my IT skills when a sudden management decision put this ambitious mind of mine to a halt. I didn’t get my raise after my performance appraisal but somebody else got promoted. I kept all this musings to myself and later realized that this feeling is familiar. I shared this with my other co-workers and found out that they also feel the same way. We felt that we all deserve the credit and a promotion is not necessary. Since then, although we continued to be good team players, it was obvious that we are considering other options and is gearing towards achieving them. Mine is to continue a Quality Management career. I’m thankful that there are many opportunities out there esp. for BPO. Though, I had to review on Six Sigma so that I can be competitive. As for the possibility of getting an increase, it is now bleak. I just hope that I could find a new employer where real achievers are recognized and rewarded. As the saying goes, “Good luck na lang sa career ko!”

Saturday, 3 March 2007

My First Scrapbook Layout & Month by Month LO

Here is my really first layout where I used a baby themed paper, letter cut-outs from my PC (I used double sided foam tape to have a 3d effect), star-shaped matting coordinating the colors of the base paper and Achilles very first picture on the day he was born. The title depicts the page because for me a star is born.

While buying scrapbook materials, I was already conceptualizing on how am I going to come up with a month by month achievement layout. I came across this little clothespin and leather strip that l visualized to be a clothesline. It comes with coordinated tags that I used with the tracing paper as top layer for the journaling, I was able to write Achilles’ achievements for each month; for the base and papers, I had browsed thru the internet and have seen how paper tearing had a good effect on both monochrome and patterned papers so I tried it and I was happy with the outcome.

I placed the clothesline parallel to the next page to have a connecting effect. The color of the tags and clothespin coordinate with the matting of the picture which I cut out to maximize the page. I am very thrilled after I finished these 2 pages. Thanks to my cousin who help me finish these. She also became addicted to scrap.