Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Thank-you-Teacher layout

The school year is almost over and since this is my son’s first time to finish a school year and his teacher made a significant impact in this ala-rollercoaster-ride-school phase in the life of my son, Teacher Grace deserve something special. And since I’m not into giving gifts because I can’t afford to, I’m giving teacher Grace a thank-you-teacher scrap page. I used a 6x6 cardstock and put 2 photos of Aloysius and teacher Grace. Cut a patterned paper using my shaped craft scissor to make a border for the photo and the card and put a green ribbon that holds the key and lock embellishments. I used Aloysius' remaining stickers to form the word Thank you and used metallic pens to write Teacher Grace and my sons name in the card. I used Sakura Aqualip pen in the tag to form the words I will before the sticker miss you so that the effect is a hidden message. I just hope that Teacher Grace will be pleased and Miggy will be remembered.

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