Sunday, 11 March 2007

Achilles - Shaolin style


It’s almost summer and the heat is on. Achilles is irritable because of the prickly heat that is now starting to appear in his back, neck all the way to his nape. He is scratching his head even on his sleep that we decided to go to the barbershop and have his head shaved – skin head shave. I think he liked the idea because he was not squirming and just looking either at me or in the mirror while his daddy is holding him and the barber is shaving his head. I had a good time taking pictures while Aloysius was crying in the background. The barbers and other salon personnel wondered what could be the reason why he was crying because it was so loud that he got everybody’s attention. Was it because he was afraid he was going to be next? Was it going to hurt? He was pinching me and told me that he doesn’t want people to tease his brother about being bald. I assured him that it will only be for the summer and eventually Kyle’s hair will grow back just like him when he was Kyle’s age. Knowing Aloysius, he didn’t stop crying until he was given a new toy. What a strategy! hahaha. Later when we got home, we showed him his picture when he was also skin head like Achilles and he can’t believe his eyes. Case closed.

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