Sunday, 25 March 2007

Castillo Clan Get Together

Last night, we had a mini-reunion during dinner celebration of Kuya Josel’s 40th Birthday (Lito’s first cousin, son of Salvador Castillo, brother of Tatay Samuel) and his 12-year-old-daughter Aliya’s graduation. We were surprised to see Michelle or Sweet as she is fondly called after over a year stay in the US (She’s working there as nurse). How we wished Irvin and Faye and also Tita Neneng’s sons were here to complete the Castillo clan. The children or grandchildren I should say especially Achilles enjoyed the event. He is somehow different from Aloysius who is ‘suplado” to other guests because Kyle goes from table to table to smile and “magpa-cute” sa mga girls. He even waved bye and flashed beautiful eyes to Sweet’s classmates before we went home. I could only mutter, “Chick Boy din pala ang anak ko. Kanino kaya nagmana? :) ”

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Faye said...

yeah... how i wish we were there too? we truly miss home.