Saturday, 7 April 2007

Rest on Lent

We had a long weekend during lent. It was an opportunity to rest and reflect. We enjoyed spending time with our kids most especially teaching Aloysius about God and how to pray. It started when he asked who are Muslims and why they have a different God? What a question from a 5-year-old and a tough one for me. I had to come up with an answer that is understandable to him and one that he won’t forget. I had to pray for this and God revealed that I should read the bible with Aloysius. Although we read to him bible stories once in a while, I haven’t really read to him the very first verses – the creation. From there he was able to learn about God the creator. Eventually, the 3 persona was introduced – God the Father, The Son (Jesus) and Holy Spirit. I told my son that when he grows up he will find out the answer to his question but right now, it is important that He knows about our God – our living God, the Bible and how he should talk to God thru Prayer. This is how I learned how to pray and shared it with my firstborn. 1. P-raise and worship God. Remember how Holy and Faithful God is. 2. R-epent – Ask forgiveness for all the bad things thought, said or done 3. A-tone – set the mind to God-likeness. 4. Y-earn – for all you wish for in accordance to God’s will. I was relieved when I heard Aloysius pray in the sequence that I though him. I reminded him that it is not only during bedtime that he should pray but also before eating, whenever he is afraid or facing a problem and seeking God’s help or guidance because D\God is always there for him as he has always been to me. Thank you God, I entrust my son to you.

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