Friday, 27 April 2007

My Top 10 Halo-halo List

Not only during summer that I am craving for Halo-halo, smoothies or anything with ice. Actually, it’s a whole-year-round favorite. My food tripping always include dessert and this will be the first time I’ll share my favorite desserts (cakes will be taken in another blog post later).

Most of the items in the list are already popular and you must have tried them in one of your regular visits to the malls. Here’s Irmee’s top ten Halo-halo/Ice Desserts:

10. Green Mango Shake

9. Mais Con Hielo (Try Goldilocks’ with Ice cream for only 39 pesos)

8. Quickly Taro with all-in (P55)

7. Jollibee Frost Blends Strawberry – this is the latest addition to Jollibee’s desserts, ok din ang Moch but I like the Strawberry more, can be compared to Strawberries and Cream of Starbucks :)

6. Jollibee Saba con hielo – (P27)

5. Chowking Halo-halo with Ice cream (P60)

4. Razon’s Halo-halo (P65)– Pampanga’s product also known for its Pancit luglug. I love Razon’s even if the ingredients are not that many. The ice is so “pino” and you can distinguish the taste of Macapuno and Leche Flan from the rest. A bit pricey for only few ingredients but I guess it’s the ice you’re paying for.

3. Flavors of China’s Buco Pandan Sherbet (P55)

2. Little Quiapo’s Halo Halo Special (P90) –

According to my mom, Little Quiapo has been there eversince. It’s a popular hang-out way way back so I was not surprised when I went to the BF branch with my officemates, most of the customers are seniors or balikbayans with seniors hahaha. Aside from their Kare-kare and Sinigang na Hipon, I love their Halohalo. Theirs was placed in a very tall glass overflowing with ingredients. It’s challenging my appetite, I thought I could not eat it all. “Pwede na ksi sa 2 persons ang isang tall glass.” Just looking at it, I feel already satisfied. “Ang sarap tingnan, parang ayokong kainin”. But I didn’t let the ice cream melt, so I grabbed my spoon and started mixing…and eating. For 90 pesos their special Halohalo is super sulit!. The ingredients are innumerable and delicious! Sarap Balik-balikan!

1. Flavors of China’s Halo-Halo Sherbet (P70) – Since it’s a sherbet it’s the closest thing to ice cream. You can’t see the ice shavings because there’s no ice but creamy foam that is so delectable. This is what makes the halo-halo from FOC stand out from the rest. For me, this is the best! You gotta try it to believe it. Happy Eating!

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jade said...

Hi! I was bloghopping and came across your site.

I also love anything with ice!

Have you tried nai cha of chowking? Sarap din sya.

Yun lang.