Saturday, 26 January 2008

Another Trip? => This Time HK Disneyland

Last year, we were supposed to join a Meet and Greet Disney in Southmall, It was opportunity to go on stage and have photos taken with Mickey and Minnie Mouse but we're supposed to buy Mickey Mouse plush toys for P299 each, parang yun na yung entrance fee. Lito was against the idea because it's not realistic, the line is too long and he was shy hahaha. I was so disappointed because I looked forward having a picture taken with the disney characters eversince I received the flier. My mood was changed and the only thing that made me go back to my usual self was Lito's comment that he'd rather go to Disneyland and take photo ops with Mickey and Minnie there, mas realistic daw!

Since this year seems to be very good to us, we're going to celebrate and realize that Disney dream trip. After finding out about the Canadian Embassy's letter and my scheduled business trip to US, Lito and I decided that we take the kids to Hongkong Disneyland before we go on our trips separately. Para naman they will have good memories of Disneyland rather than their parents leaving them.

Sayang, we didn't get the P1 seat sale from Cebu Pacific and the PAL $98 Asia destination fare. we could have save pa sana. Anyway, we'll just look for hostel or cheap but nice accomodation in HK or try the TRAVEL EXPO on February 15 to get good deals for our trip. Right now, I'm looking for hotels with cheap internet rates preferably in the Kowloon area para mura talaga. The Tornberg's are also settled there so we might get a night free. Booking in a Disney Hotel will give us an extra day pass so we might also grab that opportunity, after all, Mickey and Minnie is the reason why were going there in the first place. It's the year of the Mouse nga! :)

Friday, 25 January 2008

When it rains, it pours

Last week and the week before that, we received good news and all came at the time we least expected it. It's only now that it sinked in me, how blessed we are and I feel it's worth writing here kahit luma na. So here goes: Last year, I already have an idea about me going to the US, It's only now when I'm in the midst of preparing the documents needed, that I realized that I'm really going there na. Parang, ayoko pa hehehe, maybe because I don't want to leave my husband and kids yet. Although the business trip will only be for 3 months (which can still go on for 6 months, sabi), I'm not prepared yet to leave the house, well, technically, it's not yet confirmed because my visit visa to Us has not been approved yet. I'm scheduled for interview on February 7.

Anyway, the other good news is, after 5 long years our application to Canada as immigrants have been approved (we're in the visa stamping stage). Lito will be going there first and try his luck in looking for a job while I will be going naman to US. Just thinking about it makes me feel sad rather than excited. I have another good news but this one is somehow irrelevant na because I already turned it down. I got the job offer from my most desired company where I applied last year while the US thingy is not yet in the offing. I regret that I didnt get that dream job in that dream company that I dream of working for. The offer was very tempting, benefits package pa lang panalo na, what more the assignment and the pay as well. I was asking the recruiter if there was a bond and for how many years do I need to serve and when she answered, my heart sank. Sayang talaga! I could have used that job experience when I go to Canada, they have an office there. I would have accepted it right away if the offer was made last year when I was still clueless on my career in ADEC. Anyway, I hope my decision is what's best for my family which is my priority now. The saying holds true to me now, when it rains, it pours....

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Mini Jordans

My sons loved basketball especially Kyle. ke Manu Ginobilly ko ngaa siya pinaglihi noh. But they love it more when playing with other kids. So when the Tito Manolet Flores' family came to visit last January 6, the cousins (son of Nolfred and daughter of Bing) and my sons played basketball until they get tired and thirsty. I love this shot of Aloysius jumping up and spreading the legs to shoot the ball ==> ala Michael Jordan /Nike signature logo for Jordan models. Lito utilizing the Nikon here using the sports dial.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Zaido Kids

I forgot to mention that my gift to Kyle's birthday was a caricature of him and his kuya in Zaido outfits. This was a make bawi drawing of my staff's boyfriend after the outcome of the previous caricatures I requested supposedly a Christmas gift to Lito and my sons. I requested for the whole family and one for Lito and I but the outcome in both drawings showed a different look of Lito, yung parang hindi siya in short hindi nakuha so I had to keep it na lang in an album. Buti na lang this one captured my sons' faces. And the Zaido outfits added personal touch because my 2 kids are really fond of Zaido, parang mga addict na nga eh, khit Saturdays naghahanp ng Zaido. Ask Aloysius any missed episode and he will tell you in full detail. Mana sa Daddy => addict sa TV at DVD movies.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

SM Southmall Bubble Show

This was taken on the first weekend of the year (I have so many backlogs in my blog). We were just doing our regular weekend mall tour when we chanced upon the Bubble Show at the foodcourt at Southmall. Buti na lang we brought the Nikon camera with us and we had several shots of this (one shot lang daw per kid ksi) The kids enjoyed being inside the bubble. Amazing!

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Kyle's 2nd Birthday

Kyle had 2 simple celebration for his 2nd birthday, one held in advance in Pilar and the other one in Muntinlupa. He enjoyed blowing the candles on his 2 cakes and ate 2 different versions of spaghetti. I just hope that my bunso will continue to be good and malambing and good-looking like his dad (sip-sep!)

Friday, 4 January 2008

Wendy's 30th Birthday

I realized I'm not getting any younger because my sister is now 30 and with a new baby. I just can't help but reminisce our growing up days and smile while thinking of her and Roty still very young. Now, we all have a family and building our own niche in this world.

Happy Birthday my dear sister! Here's what I can only give you, a before and after photos of you...I hope you'll like it.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

What's in it in '08 for me?

While coming up with goals for my department this coming '08, I was also thinking of my own personal goals. I'd also like to thank God for the highlights of the year 2007 for me and my family:

1. Careerwise, I was transferred to another company which will give me opportunities to work in the US. Had a stint in working in graveyard shift and lead a team of very young professionals. I'm also thankful that the supervisor I am mentoring will also be given the chance to work in the US with me.

2. Trips to Bohol in October and Puerto Princesa City in December. First time to travel to these places. My family was amazed how beautiful our country is and hope to see other spots in the Philippines in '08.

3. My brother-in-law Irvin and wife->Faye had their Christmas vacation and our family enjoyed the eating out and trip to Enchanted Kingdom with them.

4. My sister Wendy gave birth to their first daughter, Candace Ysabelle. I'ts a good feeling to have a new baby in the family again.

This year, I am positive that with God's help, more of our dreams will be realized. Highlights of this year will be -->

1. My 40th birthday
2. Aloysius' 7th birthday
3. Our 10th Wedding Anniversary
4. More Trips here in the Philippines and abroad...relocation? sana this year na :)

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Big Bang To 2008

Since they have a new baby, Wendy and Carter decided to book in a 2-bedroom suite in Parque Espana in Filinvest Alabang on the eve of New Year. Good thing because Kyle is afraid of "Paputok" and we'll get a good view of firework display from Ayala Alabang. Our family, Wendy's, Roty's and Mom & Dad plus Ces, Doinks and Nicole enjoyed the hotel amenities. It has a master bedroom with a queen-size bed and kids room with 2 single beds which we combined to accomodate us. A maid's room which has a queen-size mattress where the others slept but of course, we brought our airbed with us. It has a fully-furnished kitchen, dining and living room and 2 CR, one with bath tub. The value of the one room stay is cheaper compared to other hotels, me free breakfast and welcome drinks for 2 pa yun ha. Imagine, it can accomodate all of us, hehehe. "Sneak in" is always included in our vocabulary. After we checked in, the kids already changed to their swimming attire and we went to the rooftop where the swimming pool is located. Despite the cold December breeze and because we're on top of the building, swimming pa din sila, Aloysius especially enjoyed the water, playing and swimming on his own while Kyle is always clinging to me. We stayed there for an hour and a half, or until their lips became dark na hehehe. We had an early dinner because we wanted to sleep pa before the fireworks show but the kids were excited and they keep on playing until Roty's family left around 8:00 pm. Before that, the kids opened gifts ulit and of course, picture taking. Here's our whole family:

Of course, the highlight of our stay there was most memorable. In every part of the suite where we stayed in, we can see the fireworks display from all areas. As early as 10:00 pm until around 2:00 am, we can see all kinds and colors of fireworks (we call the big round ones = mushrooms) from our room. Lito took this opportunity to take shots using the new camera and the photo above shows some of the nice shots he captured.

I thank God for the year that has passed and the new year that is before us. All the blessings we received and will continue to receive is because of His great providence. Thank you Lord. May we continue to be blessed and in return be a blessing to others. We praise and love you Lord!