Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Big Bang To 2008

Since they have a new baby, Wendy and Carter decided to book in a 2-bedroom suite in Parque Espana in Filinvest Alabang on the eve of New Year. Good thing because Kyle is afraid of "Paputok" and we'll get a good view of firework display from Ayala Alabang. Our family, Wendy's, Roty's and Mom & Dad plus Ces, Doinks and Nicole enjoyed the hotel amenities. It has a master bedroom with a queen-size bed and kids room with 2 single beds which we combined to accomodate us. A maid's room which has a queen-size mattress where the others slept but of course, we brought our airbed with us. It has a fully-furnished kitchen, dining and living room and 2 CR, one with bath tub. The value of the one room stay is cheaper compared to other hotels, me free breakfast and welcome drinks for 2 pa yun ha. Imagine, it can accomodate all of us, hehehe. "Sneak in" is always included in our vocabulary. After we checked in, the kids already changed to their swimming attire and we went to the rooftop where the swimming pool is located. Despite the cold December breeze and because we're on top of the building, swimming pa din sila, Aloysius especially enjoyed the water, playing and swimming on his own while Kyle is always clinging to me. We stayed there for an hour and a half, or until their lips became dark na hehehe. We had an early dinner because we wanted to sleep pa before the fireworks show but the kids were excited and they keep on playing until Roty's family left around 8:00 pm. Before that, the kids opened gifts ulit and of course, picture taking. Here's our whole family:

Of course, the highlight of our stay there was most memorable. In every part of the suite where we stayed in, we can see the fireworks display from all areas. As early as 10:00 pm until around 2:00 am, we can see all kinds and colors of fireworks (we call the big round ones = mushrooms) from our room. Lito took this opportunity to take shots using the new camera and the photo above shows some of the nice shots he captured.

I thank God for the year that has passed and the new year that is before us. All the blessings we received and will continue to receive is because of His great providence. Thank you Lord. May we continue to be blessed and in return be a blessing to others. We praise and love you Lord!

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