Monday, 14 January 2008

Zaido Kids

I forgot to mention that my gift to Kyle's birthday was a caricature of him and his kuya in Zaido outfits. This was a make bawi drawing of my staff's boyfriend after the outcome of the previous caricatures I requested supposedly a Christmas gift to Lito and my sons. I requested for the whole family and one for Lito and I but the outcome in both drawings showed a different look of Lito, yung parang hindi siya in short hindi nakuha so I had to keep it na lang in an album. Buti na lang this one captured my sons' faces. And the Zaido outfits added personal touch because my 2 kids are really fond of Zaido, parang mga addict na nga eh, khit Saturdays naghahanp ng Zaido. Ask Aloysius any missed episode and he will tell you in full detail. Mana sa Daddy => addict sa TV at DVD movies.

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