Sunday, 29 July 2007

Teambuilding with new teammates

After Anna’s turnover, I had the chance to meet my crew at Phil Global. We had fun at the teambuilding activities conducted by no less than Ms. Odess herself. In the two day workshop held at our officemate’s farm in Lipa Batangas, not only did we enjoy the place, the food, the activities and each other’s company, but also we got the chance to reflect and rediscover ourselves. It was more of a retreat and being closer to God. I cried a few times and the sessions taught me who I am and what’s my role and how to do it. The activities and ambience made me appreciate my life more. Here are some of our pictures:

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

A stint in Graveyard Shift

I had experience working in graveyard during the turn-over of Anna to me. She is going to the US and I’ll be taking her place while waiting for my turn to go the US. It was very brief because we only had 3 days or nights I should say because the schedule is US time. I don’t know if I can handle working at graveyard everyday because that would pose a problem. Not really on the type of job I’m going to handle but the schedule. I wish I am still young and energetic to cope up with this.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

My Ultimate "THE SPA" Experience

My 2007 birthday was a blast! I thought the hectic schedule of the IQA in the morning would spoil it but later at lunch things started to pick up. We were treated to a hearty lunch at North Park by our new boss in honor of my birthday. I had my share of findings in the afternoon audit and at last I’m off for the day. I’m so excited going to The Spa Alabang. Wendy already briefed us on what to expect so Cecille and I were kinda prepared. I was glad I was able to convince Ces to go with me so I have someone to talk to while doing the hours at The Spa. Ces was already there when I arrived at around 3:15pm. The lobby of The Spa in Alabang is very inviting. You could already smell the aromatherapy oils from the door and the Balinese interiors, soft lights and rippling water added to the relaxing ambience. We confirmed our reservations and paid using the GC. We were then given keys and were led to the locker area. An attendant would welcome you as you enter and give you a towel, robe and slipper set. We change into our two piece after locking our other stuff. I’m really glad I didn’t bring the one-piece boyleg swimsuit I was thinking of wearing when the lady I spoke on the phone reminded me the swimwear for the wet floors. If I did, I’d either become the laughing stock or become a member of the Nude Club. To the left of the locker area is where the wet floors are located. As we enter, we immediately see the Jacuzzi and cold pool. Wet and Dry Sauna is located on the opposite side and the other side are the shower rooms each with its own liquid soap/shampoo/conditioner. This is already wow for me. I think this is what sets it apart from the other spas. All the massage services include unlimited use of the wet floors and so we enjoyed the one hour stay. We first took a dip at the Jacuzzi after taking a shower and stayed there (and enjoyed the view) for 15 minutes. Women, young and old, topless, bottomless, hairless, all shapes and all races come and go. I was shocked but then Wendy already said that this scene is normal here. Next we entered the wet sauna and stayed there for 15 minutes. This little corner is heaven. I like it better than the dry sauna I experience at David’s Salon and Day Spa. As Wendy instructed, we used this time to put on bath oils or scrubs because this is when the pores open and the aromatic effect in the enclosed steam room is just what I (and my fats) needed. I’m glad I drank water first before entering because you’ll feel dehydrated inside. After 15 minutes (I could stay a little longer but max is only 20 minutes) I took a hot shower again and then took a dip at the Jacuzzi and stayed on for another 10 minutes. Our last stop was a quick dip at the cool/contrast pool which is very cold to close the pores. Ang Sarap!

The fun doesn’t end there. We were then led to the right of the locker area called Lounge and were asked to sit, relax, read mags and drink tea (they have hot and cold- also unlimited) while waiting for the attendant and the private/couples room being prepared for us. That’s the beauty of the executive package we got, we were led into a private room which only Ces and I share. The Deluxe package share a common room up to 8 persons. I got the Aromatherapy massage because that’s what it says in the GC and Ces got the basic/Deluxe massage (the lowest price at P780) where mineral oil was used which was also upgraded because it’s also her birthday month. We now descended to the bed and the one hour massage started. It was so relaxing, soothing and calming. (triple redundant words bec the effect is really triple) Ang Sarap! Top to toe talaga and not only tha back is massaged but in all sides! This massage at The Spa is also what makes it different because you only expect to be massaged lying/facing down. I was kinda shy when the attendant asked me to turn over hahaha. Of course, there are blankets and towels used to cover my private parts silly! It’s just my first time to be massaged this way. I was told by Ces who is also a Spa therapist back in Palau that the massage is a combination of Shiatsu, Swedish and Thai. I enjoyed the kneading, stretching and pressure she used on my tired muscles. Galing Talaga! I also loved the scent of the aromatherapy oil used it lingers and made my skin soft and smooth, The experience really made me feel younger – rejuvenated NAKS! The one hour massage ended and I felt my old skin and fats shed off. To cool down we stayed for another 10 minutes at the Lounge to sip on hot ginger tea before we finally left The Spa. We took pictures outside as evidence. My birthday was not finished yet. Lito fetched me and we had dinner at Rai Rai Ken (Japanese) and I had Kani Salad. The rest of the night was just perfect. Thanks to my ultimate “The Spa” experience. It’s worth repeating over and over again….

Monday, 16 July 2007

More than meets the eye

It’s been a while since we last had a movie date..the last one was Pirates of the Carribean – At World’s End. I didn’t bother including it here because I was not impressed compared to the first two Pirates movies. Anyway, Transformers’ different so here it is. It was shown two weeks ago and was a sure hit on the first showing day so we assumed a standing room only for the first week. I already heard good reviews and I was so anxious to see the movie considering I’m also the cartoons version fan. Finally, here’s my verdict: It was a very long, action-packed movie. No boring moments, I even like the way the cars transformed. While Lito thought the movements were so fast not to show the details, I thought otherwise. It was smooth and the robots showed human feelings, funny. I like the way it started, showing the cube coming into earth and then the first scene showing humans and not robots immediately. The fight scenes seemed real and the attack at the sand dunes is amazing, sending viewers off their chairs. It was a very good movie not to mention it was done by no less than Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay, my expectations were exceeded. I was hoping I could watch it again with Aloysius but Lito thought there was too much violence and he would probably be worshipping Megatron instead of Optimus Prime, knowing my child he will. I also liked the stars, the leading lady of Sam and the girl who first detected the aliens from the sounds. Now, I appreciated my knowledge on ISO 27001 or Information Security because the movie showed information theft many times. It was a good choice for a movie date, although we were also thinking of watching Harry Potter first. Well, we made a good decision.

Saturday, 14 July 2007

My Birthday Gift

I got my advance birthday gift from Lito, a Gift Certificate from The Spa - I'm so excited! It's been years since I last had a body massage. I remember I was still pregnant with Kyle and now he's turning two. The website of The Spa says I can upgrade the Deluxe Massage with Aroma Therapy into an Executive Package because it's my birthday, what a great gift! I wonder what's included in the package - A Male Executive doing the massage, hahaha,oooops!

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Scrapbukan and scrapbook Exchange Garage Sale

I was looking forward to this day. Not only do I get the chance to meet my online friends and scrapbook idols but also I will get a chance to buy items from them and probably start doing some LOs after this. I got my stash, all worth 1,500 pesos, I think I spent 3 hours browsing at their papers and other items. I also met an old friend from Jollibee Sucat >> Si Jeannie who is also a seasoned scrapper. How I wish I can also get their skills in scrapbooking. I know this hobby is very expensive and I can’t afford it but in my desire to preserve lasting memories of my family, I will try everything to become creative and resourceful in whatever I have and seize opportunities like this. Anyway, my goal is to just have albums for my kids and family and not compete in challenges and contests or be featured in Scrapbooking websites because I know I will not reach that level. Ang kuripot ko kaya noh! I’ll post my scrapbook pages here or in another blogsite as soon as I finish one…right now, I’m just excited and overwhelmed at the same time. Here’s what I got:

Monday, 2 July 2007

Just joined the Motorola Bandwagon

After 3 years, I finally let go of my Nokia 6230 and joined the Motorola Razor bandwagon. I got a Motorola RAZR V3i Rose – a pretty more-for-a-lady-type of phone which didn’t cost me a fortune in fact I got a good deal because it looks almost new. Thanks to Mia or Ems, my sister-in-law‘s friend who collected all the lavender shaded phones and decided to get rid of one. Got lucky here! Now, I am officially a member of SMCD a.k.a. Motorola Fanatics. Anyway, let’s go down memory lane and remember all the cellphones I had for the past 8 years:

1999 -Motorola Analog phone
2000 - Nokia 5110/Nokia 6150 (cover)
2001 - Nokia 3210/Nokia 3310
2002 – Nokia 3310 / Nokia 3315
2003 – Motorola Accompli (PDA Phone) / Nokia 3650
2004 – Nokia 3650 / Nokia 3120 / Nokia 6230
2005 – Nokia 6230
2006 – Nokia 6230
2007 – Nokia 6230 / Motorola RAZR V3i

I just discovered I am a loyal Nokia and Motorola user pala. What about you?