Monday, 2 July 2007

Just joined the Motorola Bandwagon

After 3 years, I finally let go of my Nokia 6230 and joined the Motorola Razor bandwagon. I got a Motorola RAZR V3i Rose – a pretty more-for-a-lady-type of phone which didn’t cost me a fortune in fact I got a good deal because it looks almost new. Thanks to Mia or Ems, my sister-in-law‘s friend who collected all the lavender shaded phones and decided to get rid of one. Got lucky here! Now, I am officially a member of SMCD a.k.a. Motorola Fanatics. Anyway, let’s go down memory lane and remember all the cellphones I had for the past 8 years:

1999 -Motorola Analog phone
2000 - Nokia 5110/Nokia 6150 (cover)
2001 - Nokia 3210/Nokia 3310
2002 – Nokia 3310 / Nokia 3315
2003 – Motorola Accompli (PDA Phone) / Nokia 3650
2004 – Nokia 3650 / Nokia 3120 / Nokia 6230
2005 – Nokia 6230
2006 – Nokia 6230
2007 – Nokia 6230 / Motorola RAZR V3i

I just discovered I am a loyal Nokia and Motorola user pala. What about you?

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Faye said...

ang dami mo na palang naging cellphone! not me... ewan ko pero di ko hilig magpalit. parang may senti value. haha! pero nice phone! :)