Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Weather is making my babies sick

It’s too cold nowadays. Imagine 21 degrees Celsius in Manila and 10 degrees Celsius in Baguio. We had to sleep with another layer of warm clothes on and without electric fan.

Aloysius has caught colds and flu since last week and taking antibiotics now and Achilles is sneezing and about to start a cold. I’m going berserk each time my babies got sick. If necessary, we had to take a leave just to take them to the doctor, then we had to spent hundreds or even thousands of pesos for the medicine and doctors professional fees. Money may not be too much of a problem because we are blessed with jobs and cup is refillable when empty. What’s worse is when you see or hear your baby cry and you are clueless because he can’t tell what’s hurting, or you do not see them in their usual active mode because they feel weak. Have you ever gone back to your workplace without feeling worried? or have you not tried calling the house a couple of times a day just to make sure that the kids are well, has taken the meds, or has eaten or slept well?

I remember the time when Aloysius was hospitalized because of Gastroentiritis (diarrhea and vomiting) and he had to be confined. He was only 2 years old then and the thought of needles in his tiny hands for the dextrose almost killed me. I had to go to the comfort room and cry there so that he would not see me crying so he too would not cry when the needles for the dextrose will be inserted. Most moms would exchange anything for the pain that the child feels when this happens especially when the nurses could not find the vein. (I almost punched the nurse if she did not find the vein on the third try)

Tomorrow Aloysius will be checked if he has Primary Complex. Whatever the result is, I trust that God will heal him and refill our cup as He has always been faithfully doing. At the end of the day, we realize that when we are weak and sick, God is there to supply our strength and healing. Thank you Lord.

Monday, 29 January 2007

Top 10 Meryenda per "Pinaka" show

Last night I got the chance to watch the “pinaka” masarap na meryenda. A top 10 list show of Pia Guanio in QTV. I didn’t get all the Ten “PinakaMasarap na Meryenda but I remember only those that registered in my mind for future carbo-loading endeavors me, my family or my officemates will take. Here’s the list: (makes me crave and my mouth water,,hhmmm TSALAP!)

10. Pichi Pichi of Amber? (not sure)

9. Shawarma of Beirouz

8. Dinuguan at Puto of Via Mare in Shangri-la (P135)

7. Ferino’s Bibingka (P90) – I love this! I hope I can find a Ferino’s near me soon…If ever I’m pregnant (delayed na for 2 weeks at wishing girl na sana hihihi), I’m sure dito ako naglilihi.

6. Half Moon Bibingcrepe – a bibingka and crepe in one- ang sarap ng mga stuffing nila, yung cheese at chocolate daw ang topseller nila. If I had a chance I will go to Tomas Morato to find this place. Here's more of Bibingcrepe from Lori's Blog. (I got this image from her site. Parang ang Sarap No?)

5. Milky Way Halo-halo (P99)– I remember this place along Pasay Road when I used to go to Dean St. Café for dates (too long ago hahaha) and too bad I have not tried going here. Milky Way has been here way before and it’s famous for its halo-halo. The chef said that all ingredients are freshly made, not botlled/preserved and that’s how it differs from other halo-halo out there. A must-try in summer…

4. Ten Titas Suman special (P180) – The place is in Gateway Mall. Their specialty is the suman which is a combination of fried suman from Anitpolo, sumang latik and suman /choco combi all served with toppings and mango slices on the side. Nice presentation and looks tempting.

3. Chicken Garlic and Tomato Pizza from Green Tomato – what’s different with this thin crust pizza is it’s colored green because the base sauce is pesto instead of the usual red tomato sauce. The owner said, the pizza goes well with their seafood pasta. Green Tomato is located in 5th level Shangrila Mall

2. Wham Burgers – the charbroiled burgers are huge in size, perfect for people with big appetite like me. I can’t wait to try the Wham burger with cheese. Ang sarap at ang laki talaga!

1. Noodles from Mann Hann – they have this pancit/noodles na favorite and best seller. Well to taste is to believe. Too bad, there’s no more Mann Hann here at ATC.

There you have it, the top ten must-try snacks by Pia Guanio. I hope I got your mouths watering by now....Happy Eating...

Monday, 22 January 2007

Our Singing Firstborn and Beautiful Eyes

I'm so proud of my Aloysius. A singer/musician in the making. Watch out for his album hehehe.

Can't help but laugh at this video of Kyle. Enjoy watching (and winking :) )

Achilles is walking...

Evidence of Kyle walking. He started to walk a few days before his first birthday.

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Scrappin' Mom at last!

I got a scrapbooking kit as present for my kids birthday. I got so excited I bought additional supplies without deciding yet which photos to print. At first, my idea is to create a baby book for Achilles and it turn out that we have too many digital photos that needed to be printed and scrapbooked (or is there another term for it? I'm clueless). My digital scrapbooking projects have been started but nothing was printed yet. I guess this is one step forward and another expensive hobby to be spending my hard earned peso on :)...my sons deserve lasting photographs (need I justify more, hahaha).

I hope to join a scrapbook egroup soon.

Thursday, 11 January 2007

A party in a pet haven

It was already featured in Magandang Umaga Pilipinas this morning. I’d like to share my experience in Bio Research Hypermart in Sucat, Paranaque. That’s where we held Achilles 1st Birthday last Saturday, January 6, 2007. I was going to post my kwento by weekend but since it was already featured this morning, para di ma-pre-empt, here it is…

Achilles' 1st and Aloysius' 5th Birthday Kwento

For pictures: visit http://community.webshots.com/user/irmeec

Venue: Bio Research Hypermart
Tel. No. : 826-3535 local 127
Email: alorico@bioresearch.com.ph

From the moment I saw the pictures from the newspaper sometime in October last year, I fell in love agad sa place and I’ve always love pets so timing that Aloysius had their Field trip there I had the chance to see the place and enjoyed the pets there but, seeing Kuya Miggy dancing in excitement made us decide to book the party there.

The place is amazing. Their slogan “101 destination points” suits it perfectly. You can do so much. I hope our pictures can tell it all. The venue where we hold the party called Arowana Pavillion is a room of aquariums full of orange discus, arowana and goldfishes. The nega thing about the place is -It’s kinda small (max capacity is 70 pax including kids) and hot (their aircon is not yet installed because of power overload) but the fishes around the room compensates for it. Our motif (orange) matches the fishes and brightens the room. Queensland made a mistake in setting up the buffet table, dapat ksi sa corner siya to utilize the space but since when we arrive e naka-set up na, we cannot do anything about it. The head waiter changed some of the tables to fit 50 pax para me room for a stage. Since the makeshift stage is not roomy, some guests from the back area didn’t want to participate but the kids since me popcorn na consolation prize, always made it in front. Boom tarat2 dance was the consequence for all the losers sa games so we enjoyed singing and watching them dance. Can you imagine Lito dancing to that tune too but threatening Jollibee hosts na hindi sila babayaran. Of course, Achilles is dancing too ksi favorite niya yung boom tarat-tarat. Wondering where Aloysius is during the party? >>Outside with the pets.

As soon as we arrive, Aloysius became too excited to check out the pets. He asked Lolo Benny to accompany him because the tour is after the party pa. I’m retelling this in the same sequence as the tour that we had. First they went to the Bird Mansion where different birds (from Parakeets to Parrots, they also have a Blue and Gold Macaw) are housed. Then they went to the Turtle Pond. Near the turtle pond is the house of the 14 ft python. Naka-coil siya during the party but the first time I saw it nakadikit siya sa fiberglass from the top, ready to devour me, hahaha. The smaller KOIs pond is just outside the Arowana pavilion, here the KOIs appear when you give food. On the way inside the Hypermart where the store and more pets (Hamsters, Dogs, Pigeons) are located, you will se more aquariums with different fresh water fishes. Then the pond for Butterfly KOIs where the fishes are colored na parang luminous yung glow in the dark. Also placed here are the white and bigger KOIs. On the opposite side is the biggest aquarium that houses the largest arowana and beside it is the aquarium for alligator gar. Then on the other end is a room full of different aquariums with freshwater and saltwater fishes, ang colorful just like what you see in Malls but here mas marami. Mr Alvin Lorico, the Marketing Manager I first inquired about the party is very accommodating, they gave out small kois individually and even gave my two boys a pair of teddy bear hamsters and a big brown rabbit as birthday gifts.

With the aircon installed in the venue, I recommend this for a party venue. Kids will appreciate this. It’s a unique experience for them, actually you can bring your kids there to check it out. Pwede naman pumunta khit di thru field trip.

Food: Queensland and Jollibee for kids
Queensland: 820-7223

Due to budget constraints, I chose Jollibee to be the food and entertainment source, yung all-in-one na from invites, balloons, cake, lootbags, games, party hats and mascot. Thanks to Anna ni Eug for giving me an idea how much is the package. Later, we realized that it’s better to get another caterer vs renting tables and chairs and additional jollibee food with a difference of just 50 pesos with the other amenities I can get from Queensland such as nice buffet set up, elegant table set up, waiters and especially delicious food. This is also to be safe for additional guests coming because of the buffer unlike with Jollibee since this is not a party from the store dapat exact no of guest to order the exact no. of super meals.. I was right, not only did we get excess food, super sulit talaga. Jollibee super meal was a hit for the kids ksi me rice, chicken spaghetti, burger, corn and carrot at salad but I had to make sure di bitin food nila, most of our guests went to MOA to watch the Pyro Olympics and they were thankful to bring the excess Jollibee food there ksi tagal nila nakauwi.

Additional Food: Kettle Korn and Ice Cream Cart from Bukas Palad

Bukas Palad: 844-1458 Ms. Tess Volante
Kettle Korn: 631-8101 ask for Kettle Korn

I inquired on foodcarts from fellow nawies and party suppliers when we were still thinking of Jollibee lang as the main food. Bitin ksi, nice to try sana yung tacos ni Kay Bautista, yung popcorn and snowcone from Pepel and Ice Cream stick from Selecta para maiba naman but since I got queensland na, I only have a few to spare for Sorbetero Ice Cream. The party suppliers charge P2500 per cart buti na lang I remember Bukas Palad here and got the no form Tet, thanks TET. They only charge P1,900 with 150 sugar cones na yun at super sarap na ice cream. Ms. Tess Volante accommodated my order even on a holiday. I just booked a week before the party – galling! Ice cream cart was a blockbuster because it was tiring touring around and it’s also hot kaya konti na lang natira. SARAP!

Kettle Korn – when I was still with RFM, we have this popcorn during meetings and good thing, I can buy them for the party. Kiddie packs sell for P10 for dealers. I ordered 100 pcs and We gave them out as prizes for games. Of course, it still got the sweet and salty taste I always love and was a sure hit sa mga kids and adults alike.

Entertainment: Jollibee BF Sucat
Tel. 807-7703; 807-7733

Before the party I went to Jollibee to give them my requests, yung change in program sequence, Jollibee appearance, games and reminded them on the tarpaulin/streamers ksi I don’t have budget for my own tarpaulin, buti na lang meron because most Jollibee stores have in-house streamers. I was glad to have good rapport with the party hosts kaya granted lahat requests ko. I downloaded games from the internet and gave it to them, sawa na ksi ako sa mga games from Jollibee parties, natuwa naman mga guests ko at least me naiba. One is OUR BABY CAN, where guests will guess if Achilles can do a special task or not, they will just go to a specific corner if can or cannot on the other side, then we ask Achilles to do the task like, clapping, waving goddbye, walking etc. I also requested Jollibee not to go to the party venue yet, para sunduin siya ng mga guests sa Treehouse. The problem is, di kasya si Jollibee paakyat sa treehouse kaya sa baba na lang. We were planning sana for him to throw candies from the treehouse para parang piñata effect, but the kids enjoyed the throwing of candies anyway. Super Hit talaga si Jollibee sa mga kids ksi ang tagal ng pictorial sa me garden, pati yung mga anak ko lalu na si Achilles na first takot then later nag pose na rin with Jollibee. We enjoyed his dance number with the party hosts at yung mimic niya for his wishes sa mga birthday celebrants. After the candle blowing, Jollibee gave out lootbags to the kids. I really enjoyed Jollibee, I feel like a kid again when he is around, kaya nga siya pinili ko eh, match pa yung theme na Zoo party because Bio-Research is like a mini-zoo na rin.

Photo: KBA Photo/Video
Ms. Melo 861-6420

I got their number in one of the McDonalds fliers for parties. I just wanted to try their service ksi no budget naman ako for photo service but since mura naman at para din na kmi maistorbo from entertaining guests because of taking pictures, nagpabook ako sa kanila. The package I got has a mini album for 150 shots, me lay-out na din yun and unlimited shots din. The photographer arrived early a few minutes lang after we arrive and he started taking pictures. Even without the lists of preferred shots, he was able to capture those scenes I wanted and I got 2 CDs for my photos, friendly pa siya sa mga kids lalo na ke Aloysius so I was happy with them. A true value for money expense!

Photo Mosaic: Kameraworld Southmall
Tel. 806-2914 /16

I only got the 11x14 size ksi P200 lang siya, so since very kuripot talaga ako, sinulit ko na yung pagiging cheap niya at got an easel and a frame to make it presentable sa guests, I placed it near the entrance with the guestbook and the Time capsule wishes for them to view it, I also placed a magnifying glass to see the smaller pictures. I also asked the guests especially the lolos and lolas and ninongs and ninangs of my sons to make a wish or prayer for my kids and sealed them in a cylinder gift box to make it a time capsule. I will only let my kids open it after 10 or 15 years. I just hope that the joy we felt today will be locked in and return in 15 years. Just the same, the experience will never be forgotten for many years to come.

Who says one cannot plan for a value for money but memorable party?

Happy for a job well done!

:) Irmee

Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Moonwalk Nature Church on fire on New Year's day

Yes, there's no more Moonwalk Nature Church. We were appalled by the news that the beautiful church we got married to seven years ago was burned last night. It will take years to restore the once popular church set in the middle of lush greens. Here's how it looked like before it was burned by 'kwitis'. For those who have not been there or watched the movie by Regine and Aga, here's how it was described in Design and Architecture Magazine: The home of God is amidst sensuous, lofty layers of voluptous architecture, carving and gilt. Within the obvious raison d 'etre is that God and Nature are One, the architecture and landscaping are inseparable. The landscaping, however, dominates the chapel and its grounds have golpe de gulat, bongga, and the entire ensemble is super malandi. The Moonwalk version is far from high-tech. Appearing to hover slightly above the earth, it is suspended from cables anchored to structural supports hidden in the foliage. A tarpaulin outer tent reduces an inner tent of anahaw leaves to just a decorative veneer using the fish tail pattern of the leaf's underside to texture the ceiling.

The tent defines a hollow on the terrain cups the open-sided, round main chapel. A flock of white Kapis doves statically spiral close to the ceiling, rising towards a central opening. Rows of picturesque but uncomfortable tree stump stools are pegged into a sloping floor painfully paved for those who kneel with flat stones inset in white pebbles washout. The twisted driftwood and marble altar grows on a low platform in front of a waterfalled, landscaped berm outside the covered area forming the backdrop. A life-size figure of the crucified Christ dominates the lush natural landscape.With the placement of plants, boulders, driftwood, gnarled tree stumps in calculated abandon, the staggering effect comes through as supra-natural.

Now you would understand how a bride who walked down the aisle of this church feel.

Monday, 1 January 2007

New Year, New Life as a Blogger (Finally! after long hibernation)

Happy New Year! It's a fresh start...and why not start year 2007 with something new...like blogging....so after long hibernation (been a co-blogger at wifespeaks not too long ago :) ), I am finally posting my first and own blog.

My blog will be about ME as a wife to Lito and a mom to Aloysius and Achilles, MYSELF as a career minded woman, and IRMEE as my other roles - a daughter, a sister, a co-worker, a friend and all my discoveries in this wonderful life that we have. I'll also share my latest finds in food and SALE because I like spending sprees whenever I can afford to.

Read on...