Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Weather is making my babies sick

It’s too cold nowadays. Imagine 21 degrees Celsius in Manila and 10 degrees Celsius in Baguio. We had to sleep with another layer of warm clothes on and without electric fan.

Aloysius has caught colds and flu since last week and taking antibiotics now and Achilles is sneezing and about to start a cold. I’m going berserk each time my babies got sick. If necessary, we had to take a leave just to take them to the doctor, then we had to spent hundreds or even thousands of pesos for the medicine and doctors professional fees. Money may not be too much of a problem because we are blessed with jobs and cup is refillable when empty. What’s worse is when you see or hear your baby cry and you are clueless because he can’t tell what’s hurting, or you do not see them in their usual active mode because they feel weak. Have you ever gone back to your workplace without feeling worried? or have you not tried calling the house a couple of times a day just to make sure that the kids are well, has taken the meds, or has eaten or slept well?

I remember the time when Aloysius was hospitalized because of Gastroentiritis (diarrhea and vomiting) and he had to be confined. He was only 2 years old then and the thought of needles in his tiny hands for the dextrose almost killed me. I had to go to the comfort room and cry there so that he would not see me crying so he too would not cry when the needles for the dextrose will be inserted. Most moms would exchange anything for the pain that the child feels when this happens especially when the nurses could not find the vein. (I almost punched the nurse if she did not find the vein on the third try)

Tomorrow Aloysius will be checked if he has Primary Complex. Whatever the result is, I trust that God will heal him and refill our cup as He has always been faithfully doing. At the end of the day, we realize that when we are weak and sick, God is there to supply our strength and healing. Thank you Lord.

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Faye said...

sorry about the kids getting sick! hope they'll get better soon.