Thursday, 1 February 2007


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5 Things That People Don't Know About Me

1. I love fashion. I love to try (take note not buy) new clothes, new styles and only buy those I can afford, wise buyer po ksi. I love going to malls and browsing through glossy fashion magazines and take note of the latest worn by mannequins. But I'm not too crazy about shoes and bags. Like Faye, I've been a fashion model wannabe, having dreamt of my own billboard or endorsing a signature line. Well, in my dreams. Here's a picture of me in my ramp modelling stint in front of 3000+ employees as one of the Star of the Night finalists at our Christmas Party.

2. I love to travel. It's my dream to see the world and explore each place' distinction. I dream of having my own travel scrapbook or luggage with stickers from all over. And of course, to complete my collection of souvenir bells from different places.I love photos of me and my kids in every place or event in our lives. I'm so glad digital photography was born. I used to buy lots of films back then. An Digital SLR camera and photography lessons are my next wishes.

3. I love food and new restos. Love eating out. It's an adventure for me to try new food and new restos esp if affordable. I look forward to Anton's blog because his discoveries, photos and ratings of new food and places to eat are really awesome.

4. I'm artistically-inclined. If not doing artwork in Photoshop or help Aloysius in his painting or drawing, I watch na lang sa mga art/painting stores. I also consider make-up, scrapbooking, crosstitching, fashion, and watching movies (not bold) ART.

5. "What Irmee wants, Irmee gets" - Aggressiveness and creativity (and lots of prayer) helps me achieve most of my targets. It's generally changing tactics, when the other plan didnt work out. Now, of all the wants in my list, I'm not even half way with my plans. I hope to get them all. God willing :)

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Gorio & Kitoy said...

wow, hot mama! :) updated na po links ko.. mya ko try sagutin ung tag mo hehe :)