Thursday, 15 February 2007

Love is in the air

Happy Valentines! Today, I can feel love and the kilig moments not only in me but everywhere. It feels good to be receiving flowers again after so many years. Yup Lito gave me flowers on valentines and we had a lunch date too. Dinner is impossible since his work schedule is different from mine so we had a quick lunch in SM Southmall during my break and before he got off to work. In the office there’s this Valentine Love message board where employees can send love notes to their crushes and loved ones. There’s a booth that sells flowers, chocolates and heart shaped balloons and employees where generally in the “high” mood as they exchange valentine greetings in the cafeteria and hallways. On my way home, I took a jeepney and all the other passengers either have flowers or with someone or just came from a date. Some were even wearing the same shirt (terno talaga!) and some were smooching in the little corner of the jeep without thinking that other people like me are watching. Strange for me to be observing them one by one but I noticed the same look on their faces, there’s glow in their eyes. It must be love! I thank God for this day and for opening my eyes to the blessings of His love. I felt and witnessed those kilig moments I rarely see in this now all work and technology-driven world.

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