Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Nature-tripping at Wildlife Park

It was another fun family day when we all went to have a picnic at Wildlife Park in Quezon City. Summer’s just around the corner and you could feel the heat but today, the climate’s just right. It was a cloudy day. We had fun watching the animals and birds. My kids enjoyed watching the peacock spread its wings. Aloysius remarked on the tall and green trees compared to the brown and dry trees he sees in the highway. We had set our picnic mat beside the lake overlooking the bridge. The sight is refreshing. It was not only an opportunity to rest and bond with our kids but also a chance to appreciate and enjoy nature, one of God’s basic gifts to us. It didn’t matter if we got bitten by ants or “higad”, it was a close encounter with these species and I’m thankful that Aloysius and Achilles witnessed these little creatures. My only regret is that we didn’t go here quite often to appreciate nature. Maybe if I did, I would have seen the other greens and flowers or visit the old monkey in the center of the garden. The park is not that green anymore compared to the last time I went there 10 years ago. Before, the park had these colorful bleachers and tree trunks where children run here and there. If given more attention, funds and more volunteers, this park could be another Sentosa and we could have another tourist attraction that will bring more jobs to the QC residents. I hope that people who have the power grants my request so that we could preserve and make Wildlife our nature in the city. Wish ko lang!

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Faye said...

aliw mga pictures! katuwa!