Saturday, 3 March 2007

My First Scrapbook Layout & Month by Month LO

Here is my really first layout where I used a baby themed paper, letter cut-outs from my PC (I used double sided foam tape to have a 3d effect), star-shaped matting coordinating the colors of the base paper and Achilles very first picture on the day he was born. The title depicts the page because for me a star is born.

While buying scrapbook materials, I was already conceptualizing on how am I going to come up with a month by month achievement layout. I came across this little clothespin and leather strip that l visualized to be a clothesline. It comes with coordinated tags that I used with the tracing paper as top layer for the journaling, I was able to write Achilles’ achievements for each month; for the base and papers, I had browsed thru the internet and have seen how paper tearing had a good effect on both monochrome and patterned papers so I tried it and I was happy with the outcome.

I placed the clothesline parallel to the next page to have a connecting effect. The color of the tags and clothespin coordinate with the matting of the picture which I cut out to maximize the page. I am very thrilled after I finished these 2 pages. Thanks to my cousin who help me finish these. She also became addicted to scrap.

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