Saturday, 10 March 2007

Six Sigma and other career options

I’ve been busy reading and studying books on Quality Management and Six Sigma that’s why I totally forgot about updating my blog. Well, It’s my first time to write (or rant as you would realize later on) about my career (if you might really call it one, huh). I’m not what you call an achiever if the basis would be high salaries and a high ranking title. Actually, that’s what frustrates me. They say that one’s salary should be at least the same or higher than her/his age in order to be called successful. Mine’s would you believe is inversely proportional hahaha, but really, as I age, my salary stayed the same but the responsibilities and expectations did not. To give you a background, I used to work in an IT environment, doing everything except hardcoding programs (because not only I’m not good at it but also I hated it;I am more of a visual programmer) and administering network users. I regret the fact that I was not able to join the SAP team. I could be earning 6 digit figures by now. I had a stint at doing internet and intranet projects but the company didn’t support (or even appreciate) this undertaking that I felt my career in that company is going nowhere. Eventually, I resigned and stayed at home for a year to attend to motherhood duties. After Kyle was born, I had this opportunity to work again. This time in another field but also associated with doing automation and system analysis. I liked my job, it exposed me to new things and I would say I become good at it. I slowly gained the self—esteem and confidence that I lost during the time that I was at home or even in my previous job. I had an American boss and I like his management style that motivated me more. But he was soon gone and a new boss came along. I learned a lot from this new boss because he introduced so many new things to us that also inspired us. I was beginning to like this new career of mine in Quality Management and at the same time utilizing my IT skills when a sudden management decision put this ambitious mind of mine to a halt. I didn’t get my raise after my performance appraisal but somebody else got promoted. I kept all this musings to myself and later realized that this feeling is familiar. I shared this with my other co-workers and found out that they also feel the same way. We felt that we all deserve the credit and a promotion is not necessary. Since then, although we continued to be good team players, it was obvious that we are considering other options and is gearing towards achieving them. Mine is to continue a Quality Management career. I’m thankful that there are many opportunities out there esp. for BPO. Though, I had to review on Six Sigma so that I can be competitive. As for the possibility of getting an increase, it is now bleak. I just hope that I could find a new employer where real achievers are recognized and rewarded. As the saying goes, “Good luck na lang sa career ko!”

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