Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Wifespeaks Readers Slumbook

Congrats to my online friends at wifespeaks for their 2nd year anniversary. Here's my entries to the readers slumbook:


1. What is your (screen) name, and why did you choose that as your screen name?
IRMEE because that's my real name and it is unique.

2. How long have you been married? Have kids?
Civil - 9 yrs
Church - 7 yrs
Kids - 5 yrs
3. What is your favorite color? And how has your color preference influenced your life (if it has)?
ROY Red Orange Yellow in any order; Red because of the fiery effect, I'm like that sometimes too passionate; Orange because it enhances appetite and mine's big; Yellow because it signifies cheer and warmth. I believe I am both warm and cheerful.

4. What are your hobbies?
Reading, Scrapbooking, Blogging, Chatting (when I have time)

5. What is your motto in life?
Do things right the first time.

6. Do you have pets?
Fish na lang.

7. What are the three adjectives that best describe your spouse?

8. Give three songs that best describe you.
I wanna be rich
Material Girl
Old and wise

9. What satisfies you about the work that you do?
When I see that people use the application system I did.

10. Do you blog? Where? Can we visit?
Yes. and at mylot


1. Define Love.
Love conquers all.

2. Kakaibang talento mo.
Kumain ng marami nang hindi tumataba ng husto.

3. Share your adobo recipe.
half, half, half, half - Add 1/2 cup of vinegar, 1/2 cup soy sauce & 1/2 cup water in 1/2 kilo pork or chicken or both. Add minced garlic, laurel leaf and black pepper then bring to a boil. Simemr until meat is tender. Serve hot or cold.
Tip: wag hahaluin ang suka hanggang di kumukulo.

4. Describe your current screensaver/wallpaper.
company logo

5. During your teenage years, what fad/s did you follow? Why?
bagets style, bangs in spray net ksi yung ang in

6. How many times have you had a broken heart? Which was the worst and how did you recover from it?
twice, from my bf in highschool because he was stolen from me by my bestfriend and during college when a heartthrob swept me off my feet then later disappear.

7. If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?
to understand and speak all the languages so that I'll be able to communicate and help all the people.

8. What frightens you about getting old?
Not be able to walk, lakwatsera kasi ako.

9. Do you have a guilty pleasure?

10. What's your favorite chore?

11. Describe your wedding ring.
white and yellow gold combined.

12. If you could have a tattoo, what would it look like?
butterfly in my nape

13. What book would you like to be made into a movie? Who would you like to star in it?
The Promise by Danielle Steele - Anne Hattaway. Would love to see her in a semidrama flick with 2 different faces.

14. Share something that you do not believe in.
Feng Shui, I believe that God has plans for everyone and it cannot be changed.

15. What qualities are important to you in friendship?
Trust, give and take relationship, sharing same interests

16. So far, what WS topic have you found most helpful? Most entertaining? Most controversial?
Money matters, working mom vs stay at home, living with the in-laws - helpful;
Secrets - controversial;
What would you do if you win the lotto - entertaining


1. First love never dies. False

2. You can change your partner once you're married. False
3. The Philippines is worth it. True

4. Women are moodier than men. True

5. James Yap is innocent (Sorry Kris!). False

6. 80s fashion is coming back. False

7. Angels. True

8. Good and bad luck come in threes. False

9. Destiny. True

10. It is better to have love and lost, than never to have loved at all. True


1. What is you favorite skin care product?
2. What do you do to keep fit?
3. Where do you do your bargain shopping?
Tiangge, Surplus stores.
4. Recommend an effective household cleaning item.
Mr. Muscle
5. Sex.
Always be ready, a feminine wash or wipes should always be handy. :)


MrsPartyGirl said...

dapat pala orange din ang maging favorite color ko hahaha :D

thanks for answering the slumbook, irmee! miss ka na namin :D

jen said...

natawa ako dun sa feminine wash, feminine wipes. parang girl scouts, laging handa! :)

MunchkinMommy said...

Hello! I just want to say that I'm supper inggit with your "kakaibang talento"! :)