Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Scrappin' Mom at last!

I got a scrapbooking kit as present for my kids birthday. I got so excited I bought additional supplies without deciding yet which photos to print. At first, my idea is to create a baby book for Achilles and it turn out that we have too many digital photos that needed to be printed and scrapbooked (or is there another term for it? I'm clueless). My digital scrapbooking projects have been started but nothing was printed yet. I guess this is one step forward and another expensive hobby to be spending my hard earned peso on :)...my sons deserve lasting photographs (need I justify more, hahaha).

I hope to join a scrapbook egroup soon.

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Sabrina said...

There are 2 popular scrapbooking groups..

1. scrapbooks-exchange-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

2. pinoyscrapbookers-subscribe@yahoogroups.com