Monday, 29 January 2007

Top 10 Meryenda per "Pinaka" show

Last night I got the chance to watch the “pinaka” masarap na meryenda. A top 10 list show of Pia Guanio in QTV. I didn’t get all the Ten “PinakaMasarap na Meryenda but I remember only those that registered in my mind for future carbo-loading endeavors me, my family or my officemates will take. Here’s the list: (makes me crave and my mouth water,,hhmmm TSALAP!)

10. Pichi Pichi of Amber? (not sure)

9. Shawarma of Beirouz

8. Dinuguan at Puto of Via Mare in Shangri-la (P135)

7. Ferino’s Bibingka (P90) – I love this! I hope I can find a Ferino’s near me soon…If ever I’m pregnant (delayed na for 2 weeks at wishing girl na sana hihihi), I’m sure dito ako naglilihi.

6. Half Moon Bibingcrepe – a bibingka and crepe in one- ang sarap ng mga stuffing nila, yung cheese at chocolate daw ang topseller nila. If I had a chance I will go to Tomas Morato to find this place. Here's more of Bibingcrepe from Lori's Blog. (I got this image from her site. Parang ang Sarap No?)

5. Milky Way Halo-halo (P99)– I remember this place along Pasay Road when I used to go to Dean St. Café for dates (too long ago hahaha) and too bad I have not tried going here. Milky Way has been here way before and it’s famous for its halo-halo. The chef said that all ingredients are freshly made, not botlled/preserved and that’s how it differs from other halo-halo out there. A must-try in summer…

4. Ten Titas Suman special (P180) – The place is in Gateway Mall. Their specialty is the suman which is a combination of fried suman from Anitpolo, sumang latik and suman /choco combi all served with toppings and mango slices on the side. Nice presentation and looks tempting.

3. Chicken Garlic and Tomato Pizza from Green Tomato – what’s different with this thin crust pizza is it’s colored green because the base sauce is pesto instead of the usual red tomato sauce. The owner said, the pizza goes well with their seafood pasta. Green Tomato is located in 5th level Shangrila Mall

2. Wham Burgers – the charbroiled burgers are huge in size, perfect for people with big appetite like me. I can’t wait to try the Wham burger with cheese. Ang sarap at ang laki talaga!

1. Noodles from Mann Hann – they have this pancit/noodles na favorite and best seller. Well to taste is to believe. Too bad, there’s no more Mann Hann here at ATC.

There you have it, the top ten must-try snacks by Pia Guanio. I hope I got your mouths watering by now....Happy Eating...


Faye said...

naku delayed ka?! aha! sana nga girl.

Li said...

wow! sarap naman..