Monday, 16 July 2007

More than meets the eye

It’s been a while since we last had a movie date..the last one was Pirates of the Carribean – At World’s End. I didn’t bother including it here because I was not impressed compared to the first two Pirates movies. Anyway, Transformers’ different so here it is. It was shown two weeks ago and was a sure hit on the first showing day so we assumed a standing room only for the first week. I already heard good reviews and I was so anxious to see the movie considering I’m also the cartoons version fan. Finally, here’s my verdict: It was a very long, action-packed movie. No boring moments, I even like the way the cars transformed. While Lito thought the movements were so fast not to show the details, I thought otherwise. It was smooth and the robots showed human feelings, funny. I like the way it started, showing the cube coming into earth and then the first scene showing humans and not robots immediately. The fight scenes seemed real and the attack at the sand dunes is amazing, sending viewers off their chairs. It was a very good movie not to mention it was done by no less than Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay, my expectations were exceeded. I was hoping I could watch it again with Aloysius but Lito thought there was too much violence and he would probably be worshipping Megatron instead of Optimus Prime, knowing my child he will. I also liked the stars, the leading lady of Sam and the girl who first detected the aliens from the sounds. Now, I appreciated my knowledge on ISO 27001 or Information Security because the movie showed information theft many times. It was a good choice for a movie date, although we were also thinking of watching Harry Potter first. Well, we made a good decision.

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