Friday, 13 April 2007

And the credit goes to...

I was glad I was not there at Appenzeler for the celebration of our company’s Information Security Management System or ISO 27001certification. If not, I would have walked out on them. I don’t know if it was intentional but the opening remarks is enough to make any member of our group belittled. True, it was a concerted effort and everybody deserves to be congratulated but singling out BTS is too much. There were many policies made for BTS and most system requirements came from them but if it were not for the efforts of our guys to guide and required from them (I bet they’re clueless on ISMS), the BTS group was like a lost sheep without a shepherd. Hello! Whatever our department (and even the Project Manager) did to make the certification possible is now forgotten.

I don’t want to rant again about my work, but I can’t help but express unfair treatment that I and perhaps my co-workers received (but they’re just insensitive about it).

And why am I blogging about this? Maybe I expect too much or I’m reading too much management books particularly Customer-Focused Quality by Hinton/Schaeffer which says about how to champion quality –

“We want to accomplish meaningful things in our life that make a difference, we want to be recognized for our accomplishments and we want to be complimented for a job well done. This is likely to be true as long as people have feelings and are driven by a sense of accomplishment.”