Sunday, 22 April 2007

Achilles meets Batista

I was surprised to see Monette and her family at Festival Mall. We were taking pictures of Achilles and Aloysius in the kiddie rides when I saw a familiar face and true enough, it was Monette, my only girl officemate aside from our boss at IT department of my previous employer. My inaanak Batista was there. It was my first time to see him. “Ang laki na niya! At mabuti na lang hindi nagmana sa ina, etchetera etchetera hehehe” Good thing, we brought digital cameras with us so we took pictures. I’m really glad to see Monette there. She’s been to Japan for months now and our communication is through email and YM lang. I didn’t notice that she gained weight until yesterday. Hahaha and me hitsura ang papa ha….Marlyn, you’ll die with envy..

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