Friday, 20 April 2007

Aloysius’ graduation from swimming

Finally, Aloy finished his swimming lessons. We attended the graduation and witnessed how Aloy carry out his newly learned skills. At first, I was disappointed because from what I saw, I’m not sure if I can leave Aloy alone in the water. Later, I realized that his lessons only covered the breathing (bubbles), flutter kick and gliding thus the basic strokes were not yet included. From the brochure handed out to me, the program he attended is only for toddlers and the one with more advanced strokes is for 6 years and old and above.

After learning from the coach that Aloy is comfortable in the water and not crying or afraid unlike some of his classmates, I was already contented. Still, I’m proud of my son even if he only wants to play and not pay attention to the coach. He is still too young to be serious about swimming. Maybe later, my future Eric Buhain will be awakened. Hehehe. Expecting too much again. 

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