Monday, 9 April 2007

Easter Fun Day!

Our weekend is not complete without going to the mall. Since today is Easter Sunday, there are many activities lined up for kids which my two boys really enjoyed. We went to Alabang Town Center to check out the Pony Ride. On the way to the concierge where we got the tickets for the Pony Ride, we passed by the playground where the horses are located. The kids got very excited upon seeing the horses and they can’t wait to join the other kids waiting in line. Even Kyle was excited, squirming his legs and wanting to get out of the stroller while we’re waiting. Finally, it was our turn and I told the attendants that Miggy will go first so that the little boy will see how brave his kuya is. It was Miggy’s second time to ride a horse, the first time was in Tagaytay on Wendy and Cart’s wedding weekend and he’s already familiar with horses. I feared about Kyle because it’s his first time but when I put him on the horse and put his fingers on the leash, he did not cry. I guess he was curious and just looked at the horse. When it was time to move, I told the attendant to just smile at the baby so he would not cry. Much to my surprise, he did not cry when he sees us. Kuya Miggy was also very happy to see Kyle on a horse and keep on cheering him during the rounds. That’s not all, we got candies and balloons after the ride. It was sure fun! The pictures below tells them all.

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Faye said...

katuwa naman sila! i saw the pictures that kuya posted in webshots... aliw na aliw ako sa mga poses ng mag kuya. hahaha!