Sunday, 16 January 2011

Our first roadtrip

It was a smooth-with-only-few-problems ride on our first road trip to the United States last Christmas. The car we got receives the highest safety awards and also with God's protection, we are confident that we are in good hands. We checked for quick and free insurance quotes and since the model we got is one of the safest in the minivan category, we are paying minimal for our car insurance. Our travel took 11 hours including the stops and the interview at the US embassy on the border in Buffalo. On the way home, we were challenged by foggy and poor visibility, but the cooperation of our children and the nice views in the countryside of Upstate New York make up for a memorable first road trip.

Good thing, Lito can take advantage of the cruise control feature of the car where you can just set the speed and hold on to the steering wheel to keep you going. The twin screen DVD player that we attached at the back of headrests also kept the kids busy. When they are not sleeping or playing games, they watched their favorite Disney, Spongebob and Tom and Jerry Series. I am not good in taking shots while the car is moving but I hope you enjoy these photos I took on our way to and from New York City:

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