Tuesday, 25 January 2011

What motivates you?

It's this time of the year when the corporate bigwigs start to roll out their plans and goals for the employees to follow in creating their own. Usually there is a target to meet or exceed. When that happens (exceeding the target), there is an incentive or bonus. That strategy is an effective way to motivate people in order to achieve the corporate goal. So my question now is - applying that strategy in your own life, what would be your goal for the year and what motivates you?

I learned that our life is like a pie where every slice represent an aspect and it should be distributed if not equally, in balanced proportion. Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Social, or Mental are what makes our pie and if we do not spend some of our time, effort or money in one of these makes our life less than perfect.

Like in the previous years, my goals always include plans to improve my SPESM life. That means joining a new ministry in church, enrolling in a physical activity, reconnecting and be with friends, learning a new skill, saving for the house or a trip etc. In all these aspects, you have role models and characters that you look up to. Some of them inspires and motivates you to keep you going and achieve your goals. Others make their goals their motivation too. Seeing that poster of a beach is a motivating factor to save for that trip in the Philippines to enjoy a Boracay or Palawan holiday or buying that Delsey luggage to make it to the first base of your travel goals.

Whatever your goal is, set it within eye level --> make it visible to the eye so you will always think about it and everything follows to work at achieving it. "Whatever your mind conceives, your body achieves."

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