Friday, 11 February 2011

Alexus is now a Toddler (and his achievements)

My 3rd son Alexus turned 2 last November and I am so proud of him because at his young age, he has reach the toddler milestones ahead. To stay warm in the winter when they bring Kyle to school, he is joining other kids his age in a playgroup in the Family and Parenting Center. Annabel, his nanny was telling me that Lex is very sociable and plays with his classmates at the Center. He listens intently to the teacher when it is storytelling time and keeps all the toys after playing. One time, a playmate of him cried because he was already keeping the toys that kid is playing. The feedback from the teacher, other nannies and his playmates confirmed that he is well-liked in the school not only for his good looks but also for being smart and responsible. At a young age, even if sometimes you cannot understand him, he says "Thank You", "Please" and "Sorry" -Chory. A trait that I hope he continues to have even if he grows up. Another thing that he is also known for at the Center is that he eats the most during snack time. He always make the sign "More" -putting two closed fists together after eating. He eats everything served there like fruits, cookies, breads etc. Nagmana ata sa kin sa appetite, hahaha.

Here is his first video taken by his nanny during one of their singing moments:

Pwede na bang mag-artista? hahaha.

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