Monday, 19 July 2010

My 1st Birthday in Canada @Centre Island

We spent my special day at Centreville, Toronto Island Park. We took the subway then took the ferry to go to Centre Island. The kids had a good time while we're on the ferry and as soon as the ferry docked, they were running to and fro the park. We were among the first to arrive, there are no lines yet even in the rides. We lingered in the kid's area. I took Lex to the Ferris Wheel and at first, he was enjoying it but he cried when it was time to unload the riders because he doesn't want it to stop. He enjoyed the other rides like the Carousel, Disney Train and Barrel. Miggy enjoyed the Sky Ride - a cable car ride, he took it twice with me and with his dad. Kyle got scared in the Dragon monster rollercoaster ride, after that he didn't want to try any more rides. I enjoyed the day, seeing my kids' faces in amusement is my best birthday gift. Of course, the pictures that my husband took to document this special day is precious; costs more than any gift I can receive. Later, we went to the beach and had a picnic there. It was a good time to relax with the cool breeze and the sun already hiding from the clouds. The kids liked running after the birds on the grassy field. I loved the view and the fresh air, it was a different birthday celebration.

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