Tuesday, 30 September 2008

E-CAS Status

Every Tuesday is the schedule of update in the E-Cas or Electronic Client Application Status feature of the Canadian Immigration Center - Manila website. But after the threatened pre-term labor I experienced caused by the stress and anxiety in waiting for the visa, I ceased checking on E-CAS. I'll only learn who among my batchmates got their visas thru the forum I've joined for the immigration questions and how-tos. Today, I found out that 2 of my batchmates have been granted their visa and 2 others whose processing started weeks after mine, also got their visa. I tried checking on E-cas but it still says "In Process". Haay.

Looks like it'll be after I give birth and submit my baby's papers until I get to hear from them. I've been looking forward to the day I'll get pur passports back with the visa stamped on it but as the days passed, my excitement fades. Oh well, let it be. I'll wait patiently. Our time will come.

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