Monday, 22 September 2008

Gentle Breeze amidst a storm

I promised myself not to feel any negative emotions as this may affect my baby but I can’t help but pour some musings to this blog. I just don’t understand why some people do not consider your condition and just go on with their carelessness to disturb you. I don’t know if this is done intentionally to annoy me or they are just basically wicked. I thank God that I’m pregnant now because if I was not, I’m sure I’d return the favor. I think I’ve come to a certain point in my life where I’ve come to accept the situation and let it flow without doing something about it. Is this what they called “Maturity”? Haay, being 40 is not that easy, have to do a lot of thinking and analyzing why things happen before I can accept the outcome. Talk about root cause analysis in NCAPAC, it’s not that easy applying in real life (well, in my life)…Good thing, I still have sanity to continue through the day and my friends who keep me sane as well. Be cool Irmee…your baby is smiling…

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