Friday, 7 September 2007

Can you top that?

I used to hate Mancoms (layman's: Management Committee Meetings). During my time at SMCD I had the privilege to prepare Mancom report and present them to all managers and BU heads. Not only do I get bored with the numbers that those from operations is presenting. I also felt that only our presentation made impact to others (considering our reports mirror their performance). Now, it's my turn to report as a BU Head and it's only now I understood what those numbers mean and I realize that for the execs, those figures makes impact. When I transferred in Global, I brought with me AIMS responsibility and expertise and made some application suited to our operations (lammo naman, tamad gusto ng shortcut at automated).

The Query Monitoring project was my main topic in this week's Mancom and as I was explaining it, JMD (our American CEO) becomes excited and started asking questions which I readily answered. Maybe I got this from my former boss(Hi Rich), but I made sure that my pitch would definitely get most, if not all of the managers' buy-in before the meeting ends and surely after my pitch, I got my usual Very Good from JMD. What's amazing is that before introducing the next presenter, he said "Can you top that, Peachy?" Now that's one reason not to hate Mancoms, I even love it now. :)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Irmee. I sure would love to see this place and other places I've never been in the Phils.